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Modular sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and inspiring photo ideas

Practical and stylish – we tell you why you should pay attention to modern modular sofas and what to consider when choosing.

Today, the monopoly of classic sofas is gradually losing ground – at the peak of popularity are spectacular and functional prefabricated structures that make the interior truly individual. In this article, we tell you how to choose a modular sofa and show photos of successful examples of where and how to place it. 

What it is

Modern modular sofas are not a separate piece of furniture, but an entire system consisting of a group of personally selected elements. The design may include a sofa, poufs, couches, storage space, shelves or a table, and a sleeping place.

Such systems implement a new, modern approach to arranging a house or apartment: massive static products are replaced by ergonomic mobile structures that adapt to the interior and lifestyle of the owners. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Modular systems have several serious advantages over traditional upholstered furniture.


  • Mobility. The most obvious advantage is the ability to choose not just the size of upholstered furniture, but also to maximally adjust it to the characteristics of the room. Prefabricated structures allow you to design a recreation area taking into account ergonomics. They can fit into a room of a non-standard shape or fill a niche. And transformable models can be changed as you wish.
  • Multifunctionality. Large modular sofas can hide the functionality of an entire room: from storage systems to a full-fledged sleeping place. At the same time, everything is aesthetically collected into one stylistic composition. This eliminates the issue of combining different pieces of furniture. 
  • Beautiful design. Prefabricated systems, as a rule, are made in a modern style and look very impressive in the interior. Depending on the color, they can act as a bright accent or become the main element of a restrained monochrome interior.


  • Non-universality. The trendy design of prefabricated products can be considered both pros and cons. It is suitable for modern style, minimalism, loft, or hi-tech, but in a classic, vintage, or country interior such furniture will look foreign. Although you can play on this contrast if you decorate a room in a fusion style: a combination of traditional style with modern pieces of furniture can look very interesting. Elegant leather models will also fit into the classic interior.
  • Dimensions. Although a minimal set of two sections can fit into most living rooms, modular designs are still bulkier than some classic models and require space. 

Types of Modular Structures

Prefabricated systems come in two types.

  • Sectional – modules are fixed during assembly, then this form remains static and cannot be changed independently. A set of elements and their quantity are selected when ordering, then they are sent to the factory, where the product is assembled upon request.
  • Transformers – unlike sectional ones, transformable models are not assembled into a single system, and the components of the composition can be easily changed at any time. It turns out to be a real construction set, the parts of which move as the situation requires. This is the most convenient option. 

The shape of the models is a straight, angular, island, and letter P.

If the modules are placed in the center of the room, square or round layouts look interesting. Also, the elements of the system can be located randomly throughout the entire area of ​​the room.

Upholstery and filling

Since the sofa is most often placed in the room where the whole family and guests gather, the upholstery must be durable and resistant to mechanical stress. Jacquard, patent leather or its substitute, velour, microfiber, and artificial suede will cope well with this task. If there are animals in the house, it is better to choose a fabric that will not be susceptible to claw marks and will not collect fur. For example, you can choose Flock for upholstery of soft modular sofas. 

The filling also matters – it determines whether it will be comfortable to sit and lie on the sofa. Popular materials for filling are polyurethane foam, synthetic padding, and artificial down. There are two types of structures: spring and springless. The latter option is considered more reliable. If you choose a filler with springs, it is better that they are separated from each other or arranged in a snake. This way, the failure of one spring will not affect the others.

How to fit a modular sofa into the interior

To fit this type of furniture into the decor of the room, you need to consider several points when choosing.

  • The size and shape of the room – these are the main criteria when selecting elements. If the room is narrow, you can choose a linear composition: in the middle area it will extend the length of the wall, and if there is a lot of space, then you can zone the space in this way. 
  • Decide what functions the sofa group will perform. If you are planning a sleeping area for guests, consider the location of this module so that it can be conveniently unfolded. If you like to gather in the company for intimate conversations, the design elements can be placed in a square or rectangle so that they form a separate zone.
  • Compare the proportions. It is important that the size of the product is in harmony with the total area of ​​the room. If a soft group takes up 90% of the space, the room will seem cramped and it will simply be uncomfortable to move around.
  • Select the color of the product. It can complement the main palette, especially if the interior is monochrome, or be a bright accent in the room. Manufacturers, as a rule, offer monochromatic colors, but you can combine several blocks of different colors to create an interesting and effective technique, as in the photo below. 

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