Why Famous Glass Bridges Are Closed Forever

In eastern China’s Hebei province, glass bridges, walkways, and observation decks have been closed to allow for a thorough security check.

This decision is associated with a number of accidents. Recently, several people have died while walking on bridges, and many have been seriously injured.

In total, 32 attractions were closed in Hebei province. Among them are Honyagu Bridge, recognized as the longest glass bridge in the world. The 488-meter-long suspended structure consists of thousands of glass panels and connects two steep cliffs. When people walk on the bridge The structure begins to sway, intensifying the “thrill” of visitors.

In addition, the equally popular East Taihang Mountain Trail was closed, attracting travelers not only with the surrounding view but also with its special effects: during the passage, cracks appeared on the glass, and characteristic sounds were heard. Many tourists fell to their knees in surprise and began to scream.

The Chinese authorities do not rule out that all such structures, of which there are now about 2,300 in the country, will be closed forever. However, until the final decision is made, we suggest taking another look at the fascinating photos of the glass giants.

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