Buro5: modernist apartment 43 sq. meters

The design of a small apartment 43 sq. meters according to the buro5 project is due to the functional layout. Boris Denisyuk and Slava Baldinsky rounded the wall in the corridor to make it easier for the owner to fit into the narrow passage. It was this decision in the spirit of Soviet modernist architecture that dictated the choice of finishing materials and color palette.

The architects did not split the small apartment into isolated rooms, but in the meantime, they were able to accommodate all the necessary functions. In one room they equipped a kitchen with laconic facades in the color of the walls, a living room, and a compact dining room in a bay window by the window, the sleeping area was zoned with a wall made of glass blocks. Two planned dressing rooms helped to visually unload the space – opposite the bathroom and in the hallway, where the laundry area is also located.

The semicircular wall design references Soviet modernist and Bauhaus architecture, which influenced the choice of finishing materials. The walls are painted a single neutral shade, with square floor tiles and a glass block wall maintaining the aesthetic. The final touches of the space of a small apartment were cabinet furniture made of natural wood and expressive furnishings. 

The folding chairs, designed by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli from the 1960s, were purchased at a flea market long before the project began, but fit harmoniously into the space and supported the concept. The guest area also features items from the Danish brand BoConcept. Among them are an asymmetrical sofa, a serving table and a dining table.

The walls in the bathroom were also made semicircular, and to emphasize this decision, tiles of a rich blue color and small format were used. Bright tiles combined with white grout make the space look like blueprint drawing paper. The bathroom door is mirrored and when closed it creates the effect of endless reflections.

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