Small apartments designed by Thisispaper Studio

Two small apartments designed by Thisispaper Studio for rent and located in the center of the Polish capital. Numbered K916 and K907, they are located in a former printing warehouse, which was built in 1903 but has since been converted into housing.

Minimalism, according to the authors of the project, “is at the center” of every design process. According to Thisispaper Studio co-founder Zuzanna Gasior, “There is always a desire to achieve a kind of silence – human beings are overloaded with information, events, and visual impressions.”

The structure of the concrete ceiling and flooring was interesting and the designers left them untouched. To achieve balance, the authors used warm, “human” materials such as pine wood and plywood.

High “factory” ceilings made it possible to install a mezzanine where the bedroom is located. The small staircase to the top is made of pine. Guests can also sleep on a pull-out bed built into the bottom of the stairs. There is also a kitchenette with bright purple cabinets. The bathroom is equipped with a large mirrored cabinet and sink, the furniture extends along the entire length of the wall.

The furnishings have been selected with great care and talent. Round brass sconces on the walls rhyme with chrome pendant lamps. The furnishings include a quirky tall shelving unit with black ceramic designs, a graphic armchair by Norwegian designer Terje Ekstrom, and geometric Ogle chairs by up-and-coming Berlin author Hajo Gebauer. They just won a Red Dot award.

Thisispaper Studio was founded in 2011 by Zuzanna Gasior and Alexander Zakharov. In 2016, the studio turned a dental clinic in Warsaw into a designer concept store. The rental apartments were part of a new project by Thisispaper Studio, launched in 2018 when the designers designed their first rental apartment in a former vodka distillery nearby and began developing a hotel business as part of their practice.

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