A Small apartment 28 sq.m.

Compact studio apartment with an area of ​​28 sq. meters – Yana and Yuri Volkov’s own home, which the designers designed for themselves. The authors wanted to create a functional and original space that would be more reminiscent of a room in a fashionable hotel, rather than a standard one-room apartment.

Even apartments of such small size can find their advantages. For example, a large window with a low sill that can be turned into a relaxation area. Among the shortcomings, the designers noted, of course, the small area and curvilinearity of the space.

“We immediately understood the size of a one-room apartment and decided to buy only after a night of exciting planning: we tried to place everything we needed. We wanted a full-size bed so that we didn’t have to fold or unfold anything, a dining table by the window, two workstations that could be hidden if desired, a small kitchen, enough storage space, and space for yoga. And it all fit!” Yana and Yuri talk about the project. The kitchen was placed along the wall separating the bedroom area.

Small apartment of 28 sq. meters. The design corresponds to the location – the housing is located next to the Botanical Garden. The authors of the project took the color palette of sakura as a basis and created an interior in the spirit of Japanese minimalism.

The design project for the apartment began with a color palette. It is quite logical: the apartment is located a five-minute walk from the Botanical Garden, and the image of the interior in the spirit of Japanese minimalism and shades of sakura developed by itself.


The ceiling was painted to match the walls with Little Greene washable paint. They did the same with the air conditioner and the front door from the developer – they didn’t change it, but they disguised it.

The designers were especially responsible when it came to organizing storage spaces in the interior. The design of cabinet furniture was developed according to the sketches of Yana and Yuri. Workplaces were located behind rotating and sliding facades. The cabinets contained everything needed for cleaning, shoes and clothes, a refrigerator, an ironing board, etc.

The upper sections are accessed using a mobile ladder.
All small appliances in the kitchen are hidden in drawers and connected to the network. There is also a lot of storage space in the bed podium – drawers and rarely used hatches at the headboard. There are also drawers behind it, replacing bedside tables.

The authors did not forget about places to relax. “The small dining table is easy to remove for yoga, we both like to read in the chair, and you can also relax on the low windowsill. We also thought through the maximum number of lighting scenarios, which we are very pleased with; our small house is very atmospheric in the evening. Sconces on the windowsill “extend” short days in winter. There are also three light scenarios in the shower room, which is one of the reasons why we like it so much.”

The bathroom was decided in a languid Tuscan red shade with a delicate pink shower and black accents. The cement floor tiles were made according to the author’s sketches of Luxemix – the houndstooth pattern was rethought.

“We ourselves call this interior an experiment that we set on ourselves and our ability to solve complex problems. Although the space remains small, it certainly cannot be called cluttered; there is a lot of air here. The interior was created for the rental perspective – we plan to live here for some time and possibly rent it out for a short period.”

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