Elegant Small Apartment for Women

The interior of this apartment captivates with its tranquility and simplicity. The leading style is soft minimalism. Neutral colors, delicate textures, and high-quality natural materials create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, while furniture from “high” designer brands adds elegance.

Architect Elena Kholomyeva met the owner of an apartment in a golf club, and she invited her to work on the design of a new home. The renovation together with the design took less than a year.


The apartment was open-plan, without walls and partitions. Elena Kholomyeva’s concept is an open space with a minimum of walls, doors, and access to natural light in all places far from the windows. In the common space, the volumes of the kitchen and the bathroom were allocated, the entrance to which was organized both from the hallway and from the residential part of the apartment. Zoning was carried out at the expense of through wooden and glass partitions.


The apartment came from the developer without internal wiring of water supply, electricity, ventilation, and heating. Therefore, in the process of repair, all these functional tasks were solved. A screed was made on the floor and a French herringbone parquet was laid on plywood. Plasterboard ceilings were installed. The partitions of the kitchen and bathroom were made of foam blocks, plastered, and covered with interior paint. Glued the wall panels.

The day and night zones were separated by a thorough partition made of wood. The day area combines the living room and dining room. In the living room there is a sofa designed by Piero Lissoni, an armchair, and a coffee table. The bed is from the same collection as the sofa in the living room. This technique helps to ensure the unity of style of all functional areas of the apartment.

Natural wood is the main finishing material. In addition to the partition, wall panels were made of it to order in the carpentry workshop, and portals, ventilation grilles, and entrance doors were finished with it. All these elements were developed by the author of the project. There are wooden blinds on the windows of the bedroom; The cornice, on which the linen curtains are fixed, is hidden behind a suspended ceiling.

Ventilation grilles built into oak portals look like a decorative element. Around the dining table are iconic chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames (Vitra). The cones of the lamp are a “rhyme” to the table support.

There are two wardrobes in the hallway (one of them stores golf equipment), and wardrobes in the bedroom. The shelving unit in the living room is assembled from open and closed sections, behind which a TV area and a small workplace are hidden.

The designer believes that all rooms should be filled with natural light, and therefore she came up with a translucent sliding partition made of fluted glass for the bathroom.

The shower cabin was not covered with glass on all sides.

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