Tsai Design: small and ergonomic apartment in Melbourne

Architect Jack Chen of Tsai Design renovated his compact apartment in a 1970s house in Melbourne. And I tried to answer the question: “How to place a large house in a small space?”

Typical apartment with an area of ​​35 sq. meters with one bedroom included space for entertaining, a home office, a place to relax and a convenient kitchen. According to the designer, the secret is to know “where to be generous.” And, of course, in multifunctional furniture.

For this interior, the Tsai Design team developed two models that can solve several tasks at once: a sliding panel with a dining table and a folding workstation, which can easily disappear when necessary.

Such multifunctional systems, as well as spacious built-in wardrobes where all things are stored, were implemented with the help of a professional cabinetmaker who specializes in high-class hotels.

Visually, the apartment is divided into two zones: service areas, in which wood trim predominates, and living spaces, painted white. This solution allows the kitchen and hallway areas to be perceived as a separate space, independent from the all-white living room, despite the absence of walls between them. 

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