Project: Black and white contrasts

Combining a modern style with classic elements is always a win-win solution for spaces located in buildings steeped in history. Designers of the ARDdesign studio turned to this technique in the design of a large apartment. They emphasized the mix of laconic colors and textures with the help of graphic details and lamps. The austere lines of the design echo each other here, echoing in the furniture, textiles, and fittings. The background for the unusual textures was light walls, filling the room with a sense of air and scale.

The first stage of work on the project was a redevelopment, in which the cooking area was combined with the living room. The large windows and high ceilings of the facility inspired the ARDdesign team to make bold decisions. For example, the hallway here was decorated with dramatic black paint on the walls. She gave the space additional depth, and also visually combined classic stucco, a graphic partition in a black frame, and black and white floor tiles. Another unusual feature of the design was the horizontal “cross-section” of the master bedroom and the bathroom with a thin line indicating the contrast of finishing materials. In the kitchen, the designers installed an electric stove and inscribed a garbage chute located right in the apartment into the interior — for it, they had to install an airtight door disguised by a furniture panel. Albina Rezaeva filled the public area with laconic furniture, designed in a natural palette. For example, she matched the monochrome kitchen set with La Redoute semi-bar stools, and the upholstered group was formed by a straight Mononova sofa. The filigree embodiment of the conceived visual concept took place with the participation of the customer, who was deeply imbued with the process. The final touch of the project was minimalistic paintings by Yana Povysheva and Tatyana Chvanova.

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Strict corrugation and burgundy accents in the interior of a small apartment

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