Apartment 26 sq. meters for rent

Architects Alex Nielsen and Liz Walsh, studio Workbylizandalex, converted a small apartment of 26.5 square meters. meters in Sandy Bay, Australia. It is on the top floor of a three-story 1970s house and is intended to be an Airbnb rental.

The project, called #TheBaeTAS, is a kind of exploration of life in a small space. The main task was, with such modest footage, to create not just comfortable housing, using every square millimeter, but also to create a feeling of spaciousness. The main question was how to include all the necessary functions without sacrificing valuable space in a small apartment.

The result is a multifunctional, flexible, and attractive interior. Despite its tiny area, the small apartment can accommodate both one guest and a couple, and you can even host a party for 10 people. Smart redesign of the space allowed the architects to increase the open-plan living space, while new vaulted plywood ceilings and skylights bring light and a sense of volume.

The plywood interior opens like a box, inviting guests to explore and adapt the space to their liking. The kitchen and bathroom, invisible at first glance, include only the necessary minimum of items and equipment. At the same time, textured finishes and brass fittings are designed to make these spaces more elegant and add a sense of luxury to a small apartment.

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