Small apartment: 45 sq.m. in Paris

Small apartment 45 sq. meters in Paris – project HOCH Studio. The apartment is located near the Pigalle red light district and is in a very old building that has undergone many changes over the years.

In addition to the compact area, the authors also noted uneven walls and a large number of partitions that divided the room into tiny rooms as disadvantages. The reconstruction began with total dismantling. 

The designers cleared out the space and demolished everything they could. The walls were leveled and painted in white, traditional for French interiors . On the floor in a small apartment they put an oak board, brought from another site and restored in this apartment.

Functionally, the small apartment was divided into three parts. Half of the entire area is occupied by a spacious living room with a compact dining room and an open kitchen. The other part is given over to private premises. The isolated bedroom is separated from the dressing room by a translucent glass partition. The third zone is occupied by a large bathroom finished in concrete. 

In the interior of a small apartment, designers actively used color. All three areas of the apartment are united by a corridor of a spectacular blue hue. At the same time, the color for the room was used not only for the walls, but also for the floor and ceiling. An accent wall in the shade of Marsala was created in the bedroom, and the kitchen was highlighted in gold. 

The furnishings were based on items from Kartell, Ikea, and the French brand Bobochic. Lighting is from the Italians Martinelli Luce, plumbing is from Villeroy&Boch. Numerous accessories from Parisian flea markets and personal belongings of the owners helped create coziness and add individuality.

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