How to plan the design of a studio apartment: useful tips

Layout, furniture, style – we tell you how to design a studio depending on the shape of the apartment, area, and number of residents. We also get inspired by real projects.

For some, the studio is the first independent housing. Someone buys small apartments for elderly parents or rents them out. In any case, in a small area, you need to place everything you need and compensate for the lack of isolated rooms. In this article, we will tell you how to independently make a design project for a studio apartment, and analyze the real layouts.

Housing features

What is studio-type housing, everyone knows. This is an apartment with one common room, most often small in size: up to 30-40 square meters, rarely more. Standard shapes are a rectangle or square, and will almost always have one window at the farthest end.

As a result, any studio owner faces the following problems :

  • It is necessary to divide the common space into several functional zones.
  • To do this, consider partitions so as not to clutter up the room.
  • Organize enough storage space in a limited area.
  • Solve the issue of privacy, soundproofing, and smells.

These tasks are solved by competent zoning and proper furnishing

How to arrange furniture in the studio 

The arrangement of furniture in the studio depends on its shape, the number of people, and the height of the ceilings. Why is the latter important? With luck, the small area and lack of privacy can be compensated for by the second floor.

Apartment shape

Most developers offer rectangular-type housing.

Then everything depends on the area and luck: it can be a classic rectangle or a very long narrow. In any case, the principle of furnishing is the same: the functional zones are formed sequentially, and the main task in this case is not to block the light from the window.

Since the kitchen is tied to communications, it always comes first, after the bathroom. Depending on the area and lifestyle of the owners, you can choose a compact corner set, arrange it linearly or in parallel. On 30-40 squares you can find a place for a small island, but more often it is replaced by a bar counter, which is used immediately as a zoning tool and as an alternative to a dining table.

You can sleep on a sofa bed or on a bed. In the first case, all the remaining space is allocated for the bedroom-living room, in the second, the bed is moved to the window, to the farthest and most secluded corner. It is better to separate it from the rest of the room with a light partition or at least a curtain.

Square gives more freedom for creativity. Here you can and should use partitions  – without them, the furniture will stand ugly in four walls. You definitely need to isolate the sleeping place: if there is a window, you can build a wall and make a glass sliding door – you get an almost full-fledged room. If there is enough space, you can organize a small dressing room, study, or nursery near the hallway. In the center of the room, it is better to place a hall or a dining table.

Family Composition

The number of occupants also affects the amount of furniture and its arrangement.

If in an apartment lives a young man or girl, you can get by with minimal zone isolation. From the furniture will be enough:

  • Bed or sofa bed.
  • Compact kitchen set.
  • Bar counter or mini-table.
  • TV zones.
  • Wardrobe for clothes, suitcases, etc.

Optionally, a workplace, armchairs, shelves, racks, and chests of drawers are added. In the bathroom, if it is tiny, a shower tray is installed. The washing machine can be placed in the same place, placed in the kitchen, or hidden in a closet in the hallway.

For a couple, you will also need a full dining table or at least a fairly wide bar counter. It is necessary to provide more shelves for small things in the bathroom. If there is or is planning a small child, a place is allocated for a crib – usually next to the parent’s bed by the window. You will definitely need partitions for the privacy of the mother and baby. It can be a glass screen, a transparent screen with a curtain, or even a blank wall if there are several windows in the apartment.

Increasingly, adult children are buying studio housing for their parents. For a pensioner, convenience is important: perhaps instead of a shower, you will need to find a place for a bath. In the kitchen, it is better to abandon mezzanine cabinets – it will be inconvenient for an elderly person to stand on a chair and reach for things under the ceiling. It’s the same with a pull-out sofa: someone is ready to take it apart and reassemble it all the time, but in most cases, a classic bed will be better. Surely the owner or hostess has at least a small collection of books, so you need to think over shelves or racks for your home library.

Ceiling height

If you are lucky and the apartment has high ceilings, you should use this feature and plan the second floor.

The second floor is ideal for organizing a private area: usually, it is a mini-bedroom, you can also add a workplace or a reading corner there. With this layout,  the kitchen is placed in a niche under the second floor, most often linearly or L-shaped, and the remaining free space is given to the living room. Thanks to high ceilings and large windows,  the interior can be decorated in loft style.

When organizing a bunk apartment, the most important thing is to make a comfortable staircase and take care of safety. If the second level is small in area and is completely occupied by a sleeping place, you will need a reliable fence.

General Tips

Thinking through the interior design of a studio apartment, follow a few important rules.

  • Decide in advance on the finish. A win-win option for walls is neutral light shades that will visually expand the space. For the floor, it is important to understand whether you want one covering in the entire apartment or combine two: for example, laminate in the living area and tiles in the hallway, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom.
  • Arrange good ventilation and exhaust. If in an ordinary apartment, you can simply close the door to the kitchen, then in a single space the smells of cooking will be everywhere.
  • Use multifunctional furniture, including transformers. This will help make the space more mobile, as well as increase storage space – for example, by organizing drawers under the bed or placing it on a podium.
  • The same goes for technology. The kitchen with a limited area will not work out big, which means you have to give up something. But you can minimize the sacrifice: for example, buy an oven with a microwave function, a slow cooker, etc.
  • Use the loggia, if there is one. By insulating it, you will get a few extra square meters. There you can organize a secluded office, lounge area, mini-pantry, or reading corner.
  • Modern styles are suitable for small spaces: scandi, contemporary, minimalism, eco, and loft. In extreme cases – a slight variation of neoclassicism. 

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