6 tips for arranging a laundry room in an apartment

Cleanliness is the key not only to health but also to beauty! But how to equip the laundry room in an optimal way, so that you don’t waste extra “space” and clean it up with pleasure? We give tips on creating the most useful room in your home.

1. Designate a private room

Yes, when planning a place for washing, you will have to allocate a few valuable square meters for this, but in the future, you will thank yourself! This will allow you to group “related” activities in one place: storing clothes, washing, drying, ironing, and sorting. Sometimes it’s even more logical to abandon a large closet pantry and make a laundry room because you will have to wash for sure! If you have both a bathroom and a toilet, you can try using a smaller bathroom for laundry. Alternative options: reducing the hallway or corridor, or capturing the space allotted for the kitchen. By changing the functionality of these zones, you do not have to deal with coordination.

Argument: by taking these household procedures, as it were, outside the living area, you allocate conditional 3 square meters for this, but save a lot of space in other rooms! In addition, by moving the washing machine and dryer to a separate room, you improve sound insulation – running a wash at night will not interfere with sleep.

2. Put a mini-set with a sink

Not always, when dealing with contaminated things, we use a washing machine. Small dirt, delicate fabrics, stubborn stains – this requires a separate cleaning step. For these purposes, you need a sink: these procedures can be carried out in it. In extreme cases, you do not have to run to the bathroom for water, soaking laundry in a basin. If there is another small work surface next to the sink where you arrange the powders, and categorize the clothes – great! Let it be a mini kitchen set.

Bonus: to avoid dragging dirt into the bathroom, you can wash your street shoes here.

3. Pay attention to details

The center of the laundry room will be a washing machine and dryer, but these are not the only heroes. Think of a shelf for your iron or handheld steamer, two or more laundry baskets, a cabinet for storing powders and other supplies, and mounting points for folding dryers. You may also need hanger rods and coat hooks. For a steamer with hangers, an ironing board, and a folding dryer, it makes sense to make a narrow tall cabinet.

Bonus: Your friends will be blown away by what a perfect space organizer you are.

4. Consider additional features

This room of cleanliness is unlikely to be large, but it will still open up additional storage opportunities for you. Remember grouping? Then we add other household procedures to washing and ironing. On the upper shelves, you can also place other cleaning products at the same time, freeing up the cabinet under the sink for cosmetics, for example. And in the lower cabinets, place basins, buckets, a strategic supply of sponges, and medium-sized cleaning devices (the pantry is no longer needed!). In high cabinets, you can put a vertical vacuum cleaner and a mop, and you can use the “air” at the top of such a space with the help of hooks, Velcro, and clips – for rags, brushes, and short items.

Bonus: during general cleaning, which is associated with laundry, you do not have to look for funds throughout the apartment.

5. Resolve technical issues

Naturally, the washing machine requires a connection to the sewer, and the room must have such access. But it is also a good idea to think over the issues of waterproofing and ventilation of the room. Since more than one household appliance can be placed in the laundry room, the issue of sockets is relevant – make at least three. A larger number depends on how wide the functions of your personal room will be. By the way, just like in the kitchen, it is possible to build in the lighting of functional areas in the laundry “set”.

6. Bring the beauty

No matter how much we love the process of putting things in order, sometimes routine things drive us into depression. At least a little cheer up during the laundry will help a pleasant environment, which is easy to create with the help of stylish accessories. These can be storage baskets (jute is a super trend!), unusual locker handles, clocks, a vase of dried flowers, framed posters, and unusual lamps. Think of a shelf for your phone or tablet to watch your favorite series while doing household chores!

Bonus: another space where you feel good and enjoy your time. 

…And a few more words about the design

The rooms in the apartment are a single space. And although the functions of the premises are completely different, like a set of furniture, there are some elements that combine everything into one “organism”. So that the laundry room does not seem foreign, you can take note of a few principles.

  • Use the same materials in decoration as in the bathroom, for example. Tiles on the floor and tiles + paint on the walls will be the best solution.
  • If you still decide to make a mini-set with a sink, then this may be the same series of furniture as in the kitchen.
  • Let’s say both decoration and furniture are completely different. Then you can resort to the same color scheme and repeat the large color accents from other rooms.

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