7 House Plants That Will Be Trending In 2024

The beginning of the new year is a great occasion to join the family of houseplants or start your journey in floriculture. We have collected the most fashionable varieties that are worth paying attention to.

1. Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess

Flowering plants will be at the top in the coming year. One of the specimens that are worth taking a closer look at is a beautiful, exotic, incredibly fragrant variety of the Carnosa Krimson Princess hoya. If it feels good in the conditions you have created, then its pleasant smell will refresh the room and replace the aroma diffuser.

At the same time, care is not so difficult. Light – direct or diffused, shadows are best avoided. It will allow the ornamental hoya to bloom more often and more luxuriantly, and it can do this all year round. The watering is moderate. The plant grows quickly, so you will need support for the developing stems with foliage. This type of hoya is also ideal for hanging – if you haven’t been able to find a resident for a stylish hanging planter for a long time, then this is it!

2. Philodendron Moonlight

Among the non-flowering, but no less ornamental plants, a species of philodendron called “Moonlight” stands out. Its bright green leaves with a yellowish tint become denser and ribbed as they grow, and the exotic can reach a height of more than a meter. It is a great addition to the interior in any style.

For the foliage to be lush, it is important to provide the plant with sufficient diffused light. The shadow will most likely not kill it, but the leaves will grow at a great distance from each other – the appearance will not be so impressive. The “lunar” philodendron also needs loose soil with a lot of organic matter, which is moistened at least once a week.

3. Alocasia Dragon Scale

Also, pay attention to unusual plants with unique patterns on the leaves or interesting textures. An example of this is the Dragon’s Scales alocasia. The name of the variety speaks for itself – the surface of a large, dense leaf resembles the appearance and texture of dragon scales. Such a specimen will not only complement the home jungle but will become its highlight and the center of attention in the interior. For such rare, beautiful plants, it is better to choose minimalist planters so as not to shift the focus.

One of the main requirements of alocasia is high humidity. Therefore, avoid being close to radiators and place a humidifier nearby. By the way, this is a great contender for a bathroom location!

4. Syngonium Pink

A delicate specimen that, despite its distinctive appearance, is easy to care for. Pink Syngonium usually has dusty pink arrow-shaped leaves, although specimens with greenish or white-speckled foliage may be found.

If you want to get into plant growing trends but are afraid of not being able to cope with care, then this variety will not demand much from you. Moderate light to keep the roots from drying out, watering, and spraying with water are all you need. Syngoniums can grow in bushes or vines, depending on how you planted it and whether there is a trellis or arch to support them nearby.

5. Monstera Subpinnata

Common types of monstera became so popular a few years ago that they have already passed into the category of classics. But some varieties are just gaining popularity. For example, subpinnata. This is an exotic with leaves that are quite atypical for Monstera – instead of large glossy “paws” with holes or veins, it has individual pointed leaves. Because of this, it looks like a palm tree. This variety grows quickly, and does not require complex care, but an adult seedling needs a support structure in a pot.

6. Anthurium crystal

Another plant with unusual leaves that you want not only to look at but also to touch. They replace flowers and make anthurium very decorative – unlike some other varieties, this anthurium does not bloom indoors. The shape of the leaves resembles a heart, and the “crystal” flower can grow like a vine.

A very important condition for it is high humidity. Either put a humidifier nearby or create a mini-greenhouse for it.

7. Philodendron Giganteum Blizzard

The appearance of the flower perfectly corresponds to the name: the leaves are large, almost gigantic, and the pattern looks as if their surface was covered with snow. A leaf can be up to 1 meter across!

This philodendron is not afraid of bright light, so it can occupy a southern or western windowsill, on which not all plants survive. It is also allowed to have temperatures of up to 27 degrees in summer and up to 22 degrees in winter, so hot summers and the heating season will not affect the well-being of the exotic seedling.

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