How to prolong the life of freshly cut flowers: 7 tips

Do not leave flowers without water for a long time, cut the stems and choose the right place for the bouquet – we tell you what methods will help the flowers stay fresh.

1. Do not leave flowers for a long time without water

If you cut flowers in the garden, then immediately place them in water. You can bring a bucket or a jar with you, and rearrange the plants in a vase in the house. The less flowers are without water, the longer they will live at home. 

If you are buying plants from a store, use the following tips. Take any container of water with you, for example, cut off the neck of a bottle. Wet paper towels or a cloth will also help – wrap them around the stems and put a plastic bag on the bottom .

2. Trim your stems

If the bases of the stems are a little dry, it is worth cutting them 3-5 cm at an angle of 45 degrees. This must be done in water: in any container or just under the tap. Air can adversely affect the vessels of the plant, so it will not absorb moisture well. In order for the flowers to “drink” water better, it is worth cutting them by 1 cm every day or at least every other day – this way the bouquet will last a little longer.

3. Focus on the type of plant

Each plant needs an individual approach, so always try to take into account the characteristics of a particular flower. 

To prolong the life of tulips, the following procedure should be carried out every day: immerse them in cold water and cut the stems by 1 cm. There is also another tip: tulips should be immersed in water for 5-6 hours before putting them in a vase – this method will help the stems get stronger, and they will not bend much.

Cut hydrangeas need a lot of water, so spray them with a spray bottle. You can also briefly dip them in cold water.

Fresh roses after purchase should be completely put into the water for a couple of hours. So the flowers will recover after prolonged dehydration. To prolong the life of a fading bouquet, you can use the following method: immerse the tips of the stems (1-2 cm) in boiling water and hold in it for about 3 minutes. Then cut off the darkened parts of the stems and immediately place the bouquet in cold water. This method will help remove air and bacteria from the flowers.

4. Use special tools

In flower shops, you can buy a floristic preservative – this is a special powder that will extend the life of flowers. It contains the right nutrients, their plants usually get from the soil. Instructions for use are always written on the packaging with the product, follow it.

5. Add aspirin to the water

If you don’t have a flower shop on hand, you can dissolve an aspirin tablet in water and stir well. In this case, it is better to take an effervescent agent that is easily diluted. The stems must be cut and then placed in a vase. Thanks to aspirin, the bouquet will last much longer.

6. Choose the right place for the bouquet

In order for the flowers to stay fresh longer, it is important to choose a suitable place for them. They will not like drafts and bright sunlight, so the vase should be placed in a cool shaded place. Also, keep fruits away from flowers, they emit ethylene, a colorless gas that speeds up the aging process.

7. Pick the Right Neighbors

Some flowers do not tolerate neighborhood with each other. Therefore, if you make a bouquet yourself, consider the compatibility of colors. For example, roses cannot be placed in the same vase with carnations, lilies and some other plants – such a neighborhood will oppress them, and the bouquet will not last long.

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