7 beautiful interior decorating ideas for spring

Fresh flowers, themed décor, and new textiles bring together quick and effective ways to freshen up a space for the spring season.

1. Put a bouquet of fresh flowers

A simple and quick way to refresh the interior and give it a spring mood is to put a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in a conspicuous place. It does not have to be a lush complex composition. You can limit yourself to a few branches of gypsophila or a small mono-bouquet. Add a stylish vase to it and the room will be instantly transformed.

2. Use themed decor

A few spring accents are easy to add to décor. It can be an Easter theme with rabbits, eggs, and willow or floral ornaments in any form. In addition, you can simply choose new unusual shades that you have not used before to transform the space. A lot of decors is not required: 1-2 details are enough, and you will already get the right mood. Too many references to the spring theme can make the space infantile and visually overload it.

3. Add plants where there were none

If you don’t like fresh flowers, add potted plants to your home. It can be bright flowering varieties that will fill the interior with colors and freshness. A good solution is to put flowers where they were not before: for example, in the hallway, bathroom, or bedroom. So every room in the house will remind you of the new season.

Choose varieties that will be comfortable in a particular room: in the bathroom, you need moisture and shade-loving plants, in the hallway – flowers that can easily tolerate drafts and lack of light. And in the bedroom – varieties that absorb dust and purify the air, as well as hypoallergenic and generally safe for people. 

4. Replace blanket and pillows

Another simple and win-win way to freshen up the interior for spring is to update the textiles on the sofa or bed. It can be colorful decorative pillows, a brighter throw, a floral patterned bedspread, or simply in spring shades. You can collect whole sets of decorative textiles for every season, so you can quickly and inexpensively update the interior every season.

5. Add some bright details

Bright shades always look dynamic and refresh the interior. You can add new color accents to the space at any time of the year, but in spring, choose the colors that are associated with it: pink, blue, light green, orange, or lilac. A couple of bright details will become that necessary “spice” that will make the interior complete, harmonious, and updated.

6. Hang new curtains

Another type of textile that can be replaced, while radically transforming the space, is curtains. This is one of the most important elements of the interior: the overall perception of the interior of the room depends on its shape, color, and ornament. In the spring, floral print curtains, light translucent tulle, curtains in soft pastel colors or, conversely, brighter ones, but in combination with a neutral finish, will be relevant. 

7. Change the serving

Several new decorative elements on the dining table can also affect the overall perception of the interior. These can be jars for storing sweets, “spring” dishes, fresh flowers, or a linen tablecloth. If you are preparing for Easter in advance, you can already add several thematic elements to the serving: for example, coasters or vases in the form of rabbits.

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