Easy ways to prepare your balcony and garden for spring

When you look out your window and see green-leaved primroses sticking out of the ground in a flower bed, it seems that spring has come. This promise of warmth and warmer weather is also a reminder of what is outside the home: we need to start preparing outdoor living spaces for the season. Here are three things to do.

Clean up trash

Every year, as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature is warm enough for sweatpants and a sweatshirt, the owners of houses and summer cottages take a broom and start sweeping patios and sidewalks. If any pieces of outdoor furniture are left outside, it is common to move them temporarily into the grass and clear the entire space of dirt and debris accumulated over the winter months. This thorough sweeping is usually the start of outdoor spring cleaning.

Cleaning the furniture

The next step, after everything is swept up, is washing the garden furniture. Many start by spraying water with a hose. It has been proven that a sunny day is important for this procedure. When it comes to water, the participants in the process always get wet. It’s frustrating to be cold on a cool, overcast day while trying to clean up. Once everything is washed off, you need to wipe all the chairs and tables with warm soapy water. Dishwashing detergent works great. After all the furniture is washed, you need to take it out into the yard to dry, and then check the grout to see how dirty it is. For very dirty stains, it is common to pour soapy water with a small amount of bleach over the stain and scrub vigorously with a brush.

Preparing Textiles

As for outdoor pillows, they are usually thrown into the washing machine or wiped by hand. If there are any other stubborn stains that need to be removed, a stain remover is used. Anything washed will air dry on the patio benches as soon as they are clean (preferably don’t put anything in the dryer – it ruins things).

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