How much does a kitchen cost: 4 opinions

What makes up the kitchen’s budget, and which of its parts are the most significant?

Opinion No.1

• The budget depends on the choice of factory, finishes, and household appliances.
With the factory, everything is simple – you have to pay for a well-known brand. If the headset is of a non-standard size or has curved and radius elements, the cost increases significantly.

• An important role in the budget is played by the material of the countertop. Artificial agglomerate and quartz differ dramatically in price. The price of a kitchen containing many drawers and lifting mechanisms will differ significantly from the cost of a model with a predominance of hinged facades.

• And do not forget about the installation, which will cost around 10% of the cost of the kitchen. But the style (modern or classic) has little effect on the cost. So, it would seem that simple wardrobes of some German brands can cost comparable to Italian classics or even more.

Opinion No.2

• The cost of the kitchen is primarily determined by the brand. The complexity of the mechanisms, and the number and type of boxes do not fundamentally affect the price order. Like style: in any style, there are manufacturers of different price categories. The materials of facades and countertops are more significant. And, of course, the size of the composition, depending on the area of ​​​​the room.

• The cost of household appliances also directly depends on the reputation of the factory. It would be strange to install budget appliances in the kitchen of the top segment. Since pricing mainly depends on the “coolness” of the manufacturer, it is difficult to talk about a specific amount, rather, you can deduce the percentage of the kitchen in the total furniture budget, again, taking into account the size of the apartment or house.

Opinion No.3

• To estimate the budget of the kitchen, first of all, it is necessary to determine for whom it is created. If for the owners, then it should be a front, beautiful kitchen with decent household appliances. If we are talking about a working kitchen where the staff will cook, then you should not invest in super-expensive facades and fancy stoves, although, of course, everything should be of high quality and functional. In the front kitchen, a lot depends on the preferences of the customer. 

• If the owners want to impress with aesthetics, we focus on expensive finishes, and sometimes even come up with unique facades specifically for the project. And then it is this component that gives the greatest load on the price. If the owners like to cook (oddly enough, more often it is the owner, a man) – we pay attention to household appliances and choose the most advanced and expensive stoves and refrigerators. In general, today there is a general trend towards savings: people want to see beautiful cuisine but are not ready to pay only for the brand.

Opinion No.4

• The budget is largely influenced by internal content. Closers, doors that go into grooves – all this significantly increases the cost of furniture. For a large project, the price of a top-segment kitchen starts from 30 thousand and can reach 60 thousand euros. At the same time,
there is no direct dependence on style: a classic kitchen, even with a gilded facade, will not be much more expensive than a modern one, primarily because of the internal content.

• Naturally, the price is very dependent on the material – if expensive wood or even solid wood are used on the facade, this makes the kitchen super-expensive. A new trend is very thin facades, only 12–16 mm, where the door is lined with a metal insert. Such programs are especially expensive. 

• Household appliances, as a rule, make up 20 percent of the cost of furniture. Sometimes there are projects where it is necessary to install some kind of super-refrigerator and semi-professional equipment – here the bill goes to tens of thousands of euros.

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