11 tricks to visually expand the space that will amaze you

Light shades, lots of mirrors, zoning… stop, you already know about it. We will show you 11 life hacks for visually increasing the space that you have not heard about yet.

1. Low furniture

It is better to choose furniture for small apartments so that it visually occupies no more than 1/3 of the height of the walls. This will help create the illusion of high ceilings. What kind of furniture can be applied to this rule? Sofas, armchairs, tables, cabinets, beds. 

Cabinets should be as high as possible; this does not work for overall furniture. 

2. Emphasis on the floor 

Another way to get away from the feeling of an overhanging ceiling is to make an accent floor. A bright carpet will do the job. Choose solid colors or medium-sized geometric prints, you can experiment with Arabic-style carpets, they are back in fashion.

3. Stripes and rhombuses in wall decoration

Stripes are a win-win pattern for small apartments. Vertical lines on the wallpaper will help to visually make the ceiling higher, and horizontal ones – to increase the room. Rhombuses also stretch the room. 

4. High doors 

Doors in full width of the walls visually also help to make the ceilings higher. You can make the doorway in the apartment higher if it is not on a load-bearing wall.

5. High cornice

In order to raise the ceiling, just hang the cornice above the window. A long curtain to the floor will help create the desired effect. 

6. Accent wall 

This technique works with narrow rooms. Make the end wall accent, and the active saturated color will visually move one wall away from the other. The reception works perfectly in bedrooms, living rooms, and narrow kitchens.  

7. Ombre effect on one of the walls

This complex type of wall decoration is suitable in order to visually enlarge the space: raise the ceiling and generally expand the boundaries of the room. If you have little experience with finishing, it is better to invite professional craftsmen – making a beautiful color transition (this is ombre) is not so easy. 

8. Inconspicuous decor on the walls

Some small-sized owners generally refuse to decorate walls so as not to create visual noise. This is a mistake – accessories will make the interior lively and stylish. You only need to select discreet posters, paintings, and other decorations: this way you leave expressiveness, but do not create a feeling of unnecessary decor.

9. Diagonal coverage

On the wall or on the floor – it doesn’t matter: laminate, tile, or parquet board in small rooms is recommended to be laid out diagonally – this works to visually expand the space. By the way, this styling option will also attract attention. 

10. Furniture with legs

Such a trifle as legs visually makes the furniture lighter, even if it is overall (sofa or bed). For small rooms, this is the best solution.

11. Shiny coatings 

Ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms. Opt for glossy furniture fronts or line walls with glossy tiles that will reflect light. This will help make the room look bigger and add air to it.

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