The combination of three styles in the interior of the apartment

The small apartment, located on the 22nd floor of a modern residential complex, is spacious and bright, while the interior looks fresh and casual from any angle. The hostess often travels abroad for work and is therefore accustomed to the modern European organization of living space. The open layout emphasizes all the advantages of the synthesis of three styles: loft, Scandinavian, and minimalism.

The owner of the apartment clearly outlined the image of the home – Scandinavian aesthetics combined with modern minimalism. The style also predetermined the color palette: light colors in contrast with black gloss, terracotta, and turquoise shades. The interior was supposed to be bright and spacious, well insulated in all areas.


In terms of the plan, the apartment looks like a rectangle elongated in depth with two windows and a large loggia across the entire width of the outer wall. The developer initially determined the location of the bathroom and ventilation boxes close to the entrance area. The door to the apartment is located on the wall opposite the windows and opens into a small hallway, on the left side of which there is a bathroom, and on the right – a wardrobe. An open passage leads to the kitchen and dining areas, equipped along the longitudinal wall on the left, closer to the window. Opposite the dining group, next to the second window, they arranged a living room, and a sleeping area was placed between the latter and the dressing room. Thanks to precise calculations, it was possible to fit a toilet bowl with a washbasin into a small bathroom, a shower compartment in the corner between them, and a washing machine to the right of the front door. 

The sleeping area, located almost in the very center of the apartment, can “dissolve” into the common space (only the welded metal frame remains in sight, to which the glass “screens” of the walls and curtains are attached), which is important in an open layout. In addition, with the help of curtains attached on both sides, it can turn into a kind of lightbox without creating a feeling of crampedness and heavy volume. Textile curtains not only give comfort to the sleeping area but also allow you to postpone cleaning if necessary without compromising the aesthetics of the interior (the curtains can simply be drawn). And the open sidewall of the box and the sliding door to the adjacent ventilated dressing room on hot days open the way for a light “breeze” from the air conditioner. The TV screen is placed in a built-in mini-rack.


The hostess decided to use only natural materials. A screed was made in the apartment, new partitions were made of bricks, and some walls were finished with the same material (in the hallway, along the outer wall, and in the bedroom area). The ceilings were not covered with plasterboard – their concrete surfaces were covered with light beige paint. The brutal materials are contrasted by the thick transparent glass of the walls of the sleeping “lightbox” on a metal frame. The floors in the living quarters were lined with whitewashed parquet boards with chamfers, which helped to imitate a massive board. 

Open type wiring from a white retro cable and its wiring on the walls and ceiling serve as additional decorative accents


A stylish and relaxed atmosphere was created thanks to precise calculation and contrasting combinations of colors and textures. In the entrance area, brutal brickwork is combined with black glossy door panels, and black gloss is present in the finishing of kitchen facades, but the rest of the rooms seem to dissolve in the radiance of white light. In order to fit the furniture to the dimensions of the dwelling, they decided to make most of the items to order – a rack, a TV stand (aka a bar counter), kitchen modules, sofa, bed, and all doors were made according to the sketches and drawings of the author of the project.

Overhead spotlights were connected to dimmers that allow you to vary the brightness of the light fluxes, and change the intensity of lighting and mood both in the studio as a whole and in its individual areas. Having arranged the furniture, the direction of the rotary lamps was adjusted taking into account the mise-en-scenes. For the bathroom, we chose a contrasting finish.  

The type of house is monolithic-frame, from the height of the 22nd floor the city center is perfectly visible. Natural light penetrates the interior through the glazing of the loggia, so maximum insolation in all areas was created due to the open layout and finishing with light materials. The main task was to arrange modern apartments with minimal effort and with the help of inexpensive materials and techniques. Interior design solutions did not require intervention in the original layout and did not need approval, which accelerated the delivery of the project – the work, including repairs, took only 3 months. The loggia was not cardinally insulated, on the contrary, ventilation hatches were mounted at the ends (they are needed for the air conditioner to work). The Prado radiators originally chosen by the owner were not changed. Given the modest dimensions of the premises and the general style of the apartment,

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