The House of sand

DATE: DEC 26, 2019

The House of Sand is a minimalist residence situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed by Iya Turabelidze. Kyiv is celebrated as a garden city yet is notorious for its congested traffic and lack of free parking. It is a city vibrant with youthful energy yet dominated by outdated, rigid mindsets. Visitors are often captivated by Kyiv’s stunning 19th and 20th-century architecture, which contrasts sharply with the modern additions of air conditioners and enclosed balconies. At times, it seems the residents are disconnected from the rich history and distinctive charm of their city. However, change is on the horizon, driven by a new generation eager to preserve and enhance Kyiv’s historical architecture with contemporary, innovative designs. Iya Turabelidze, a leading contemporary architect in Kyiv, is at the forefront of this transformation. Renowned for her sensitive and elegant designs, Turabelidze is reshaping the city’s landscape. She is the preferred architect for young enthusiasts returning to Kyiv, like one who, after relocating from Berlin, sought Turabelidze’s expertise to build her dream home in the city.

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