What vases to choose for the house to fit any bouquet: Pro tips

We picked a set of vases according to the season, suggested a universal solution, and shared important points on the combination of a vase and a bouquet.

A vase can be a bright accent and the finishing touch to any interior. Dmitry Turkan, florist, and founder of his own school of floristry and flower bureau tells how to choose a basic set of accessories that will look beautiful in any bouquet.

Vases by season

If you choose the minimum set, stop at four vases, according to the number of seasons. And it’s not just that in different seasons you want to fill the house with details of the appropriate color and mood. The flowers themselves, characteristic of the winter and summer months, are very different from each other.

1. Glass vase-aquarium – for spring flowers

Primroses are very fond of water and do not tolerate drought at all. Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths can drink all the water from a vase overnight and wither by morning. In addition, these flowers continue to grow after cutting and stretch more than 10 centimeters in just a day. 

Therefore, a wide vase with a height of about 30 cm and a diameter of 20 cm is suitable for such flowers. It will hold a large amount of water and support the growing stems. To emphasize the airiness and tenderness of spring flowers and not miss the moment when they are left without water, I recommend choosing a glass vase.

2. Teardrop-shaped ceramic vases in soothing shades – for summer bouquets

Summer flowers and grasses tend to be taller and heavier than spring ones. Delphiniums, lupins, and sunflowers can reach 60-70 cm. A vase 40-50 cm high and 20 cm in diameter is ideal for them. she starts to rot. 

“Pot-bellied” vases will hold more water and will keep the freshness of the bouquet longer. To emphasize the freshness of summer greenery and focus on flowers, choose calm shades of green, light green, beige.

3. Cone-shaped ceramic vase – for autumn

Autumn bouquets often include branches with leaves and berries, flowers with large heavy heads, so vases must be stable. 

Ceramic vessels in the shape of a truncated cone of brown, metallic, rusty shades, about 40 cm high, are suitable for them.

4. Heavy vases in white or blue – for winter compositions

In winter, weighty bouquets of amaryllis, fir, spruce, and ilex branches are often chosen. 

They will look good in an amphora vase 40 cm high and 15-20 cm in diameter made of ceramic or frosted glass in cold shades: from dark blue to white, which will perfectly complement the winter theme.

Which vase to choose to prolong the life of flowers

The key to a long life of a bouquet is pure water. The easiest way to monitor the quality and quantity of liquid in glass vases. Ceramic is also well suited for bouquets, as it is easy to clean.

We do not recommend plastic vases. Inside them, micro-scratches appear very quickly, from which it is almost impossible to wash out bacteria. You should also be careful with metal containers.: see if rust forms on them. If you like the design of such a vase, you can use it as a planter. Pick up a glass container or simply insert a cut plastic bottle inside. Just do not forget to change it periodically so that microorganisms do not start in it.

If you are looking for a vase that will look appropriate in any interior with any bouquet, choose a clear glass vessel. These can be cylinders, truncated cones or aquarium vases. 

Bonus: how to combine a vase and a bouquet

Now bright accent solutions are in fashion: textured colored glass and crystal, ceramics or even stone. The color of such a vase should be combined with the color of the bouquet and not compete with it in saturation and variegation. Stick to the rule: one composition – one accent. That is, choose a calmer vase for a bright bouquet and vice versa.

It is important that the vase not only holds the bouquet but also blends harmoniously with it in size. The ratio of the parts of such a composition is described by the principle of the golden section. If you do not go into theory, then the most pleasing to the eye are the proportions of 3:5:8. That is, if we divide our composition in height into 8 equal parts, then 3 parts will be a vase and 5 parts will be flowers or vice versa. Of course, it is not necessary to measure the bouquet with a ruler, just make sure that the flowers above the vase and the vase itself are not the same height.

Treat the vase like the “clothes” for the bouquet. Start with a basic “wardrobe”, and then, if desired, buy more unusual items.

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