When they are not afraid of color: 5 bright and bold apartments

If you like colorful interiors but are hesitant to apply such solutions, check out our selection. We have collected projects that will inspire you to buy a can of paint.

1. An apartment from the 90s that now has a lot of color

This apartment had an old renovation: red flooring, the same doors, paintable wallpaper with the texture of bark beetle plaster. The owner turned to designer Masha Yashina with a request to transform the space but within the budget. That is, it was necessary to leave some of the old decoration and interior elements, in particular doors, and kitchen units. Not everything was saved, for example, the floor was eventually rebuilt, and the old wall covering was removed and leveled for painting. Color became the main thing in the interior. And not only for walls but also for ceilings, pieces of furniture, and even equipment, for example, air conditioners. So, the walls and ceiling of the kitchen were made black. This, contrary to popular belief, did not visually reduce the space, but, on the contrary, gave it depth and made it possible to fit in the existing kitchen set. The hostess’s bedroom is decorated in cherry and related tones: burgundy, and powder pink, even the air conditioner was painted to match the color of the walls. The living room turned blue, as did the hallway. 

2. Apartment in Stalin with colored walls

This apartment in a Stalinist building was set up for a girl student. Initially, the hostess preferred black, but since little natural light enters the rooms, they abandoned this idea and chose an active palette in cool tones. So the living room became blue with mustard and pearl pink accents, and a tall built-in wardrobe with purple fronts appeared in the hallway. The kitchen is decorated in more muted tones of turquoise, but the accent backsplash of glossy blue tiles adds brightness to the interior.

3. Bright two-room apartment for a hospitable couple

A married couple lives in this apartment and loves to receive guests and gather with friends. Therefore, they needed two whole living rooms. We managed to do this by decorating one of the rooms as a living room and making a mini-living room in the kitchen. The first living room has blue walls, a green sofa, and bright posters. Blue is not considered warm, but thanks to proper decoration, it is in this room that you want to organize friendly gatherings. Also attracting attention here is the design of the hallway – in a lush grassy green color. A bold decision, but quite justified for a walk-through area. If you want to introduce color into your apartment, start with the hallway or bathroom – you won’t spend much time in these rooms, and there’s a better chance you won’t get tired of the colors.

4. Spectacular apartment in deep colors

The apartment designed by Rimma Semenova is full of bright and bold solutions: starting with the redevelopment, which resulted in as many as five rooms (including the living room), and ending with color. The walls of the kitchen-living room, for example, are painted blue, which has become an advantageous backdrop for spectacular pieces of furniture, decor, and black kitchen units. The small guest room is decorated in burgundy shades. When choosing a tone, the designer and owners were not frightened even by the lack of natural light and the small area, although under such conditions most would have painted the walls in a light tone. The owner’s office, also small in size, is painted dark green, which adds depth to the space.

5. Bold interior in fusion style

Designers Olga Borisova and Maria Karpova decorated this apartment in fusion aesthetics – a charismatic and unusual style. And here there is a place for color. Moreover, the walls in the residential ones are decorated in neutral shades, but the furniture is bright and colorful: green elements in the kitchen set, and a yellow sideboard in the hallway. Textiles and decor are also in color. In the owner’s bedroom, the color went to… the ceiling. It’s pink. The entrance hall is decorated with a complex palette of deep blues and purples that intertwine with each other. 

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