9 original ideas for decorating an empty wall

Paintings, posters, and shelves are a universal, but not original move. Minimalism editors will tell how and why to hang mirrors in the toilet, plates in the kitchen, and yellow radiators in the living room.

Photo on clothespins

Framed collages have been replaced by a lighter version, in which it is easy to change pictures. Photos on clothespins can be stretched on ropes in several rows between the rails. This design is easy to do on your own or buy ready-made options with lighting and fasteners.

Natural elements

For ecodesign, ethnic, and Scandinavian interiors, natural materials and do-it-yourself decorations are suitable. Such panels can be made from branches, threads, feathers and wooden beads, knitted and fabric elements, shells, cones, wicker ornaments, and photographs can be added.

Boards and plates

Decor can be practical. It is not necessary to hide the dishes you use in cabinets – try decorating the wall with them. Plates and wooden cutting boards are placed on shelves with limiters. They can be both neutral colors and bright colors. The main rule is that the colors harmonize with the main space of the kitchen or overlap with other accessories.

Carpet on the wall

Many will say that this is an idea from the last century, but the designers insist on a new trend. The only caveat is that it is now customary to hang the carpet in a frame. The ethnic pattern will look best in a modern apartment. The frame should be contrasting, and the carpet itself should be behind glass.


The framed decor looks solid and beautiful, and stands out against the general background, visually changing the space. A budget option compared to a carpet is contrasting wallpaper. This technique for giving the room volume has been used for a long time: one of the walls is painted or pasted over in a different color. A new option – wallpaper in a frame, behind glass, or without it.


Black sections of the wall or entire floor-to-ceiling surfaces came to the design of living spaces from cafes and restaurants. The design remains relevant for any room: living room, kitchen, or nursery. The advantage of the chalk wall is that you can change the idea, redrawing it as you wish. Minus – it has to be washed often so that there are no streaks left. Recently, an office whiteboard for notes with a colored marker has become popular. It is easier to erase drawings and notes from it, and the functionality remains the same. Keep in mind that in both cases the surface will be dirty, so it is better to do it not near the aisle, where guests can touch their backs.

Dividing line

The paint on the wall does not have to follow the proportions of the room. Refractions of color create an original optical illusion, and the pattern can pass through furniture and door jambs. It is important that it be clearly calibrated, then the composition will look beautiful from different angles. With this design, the corridor no longer seems boring, despite the absence of paintings on the walls.

Mirrors in the toilet

A small bathroom is rarely decorated with anything other than a contrasting mosaic on a tile or a poster above the toilet. And yet this room with empty non-functional walls deserves special attention. For example, you can hang a collection of mirrors – from modern in different sizes and shapes to retro in wooden frames.

Colored radiators

Batteries are usually painted in the color of the walls or hidden behind curtains and panels. Designers offer an original move: to make them not just a part of the interior, but an outstanding accent. Both the batteries themselves and the vertical pipes can be bright. Such elements look beautiful even on an empty contrasting wall, and with color additions, they will become especially attractive.

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