Tactility, Spirituality: Home Furnishing Trends 2023

We talk about the main trends of repair that will be in fashion in the coming years.

Interior fashion is consistently moving away from “pure” styles, now completely different guidelines are relevant. First of all – individuality, practicality, and comfort. We asked interior designers about the main trends in home decoration that will accompany us in 2023.

Closeness to nature

Naturalness – this is what you should focus on today when choosing a finish for your apartment or house. This applies to textures, shapes, materials, and colors. “Nature does not create ugly things, everything is harmonious in it. Now there is a tendency to pay more attention to nature and strive for the same beautiful naturalness and ease,” says Tina.

Thinking about proximity to nature, the first thing to take note of is natural materials. In 2023, these are mainly derivatives of wood – veneer, non-glossy, matte, and rough surfaces, notes the founder of the Tochka Design studio. In the color scheme, too, “natural shades rule,” the expert emphasizes. “This year, beige is back, there are fewer contrasting colors, as well as pure white. It is better to replace white with ivory,” the designer advises.

Individuality and depth

Individuality, depth, and meaningfulness are also important trends that designers are advised to consider when choosing finishes. “The world is becoming more superficial, and creative professions are increasingly expected to maintain meaning and spirituality. We are already oversaturated with things, objects, and spaces that do not have depth and authors nesting under them. It is important not to create momentary trendy spaces, but to work in a modern cultural field and think about the future,” explains Tina. Such thoughtfulness and meaningfulness can be implemented at levels of a completely different scale – from the selection of table accessories to the general atmosphere of the interior, the expert emphasizes.

Individuality is well achieved by customizing finishing materials, and wallpaper and floor coverings do not have to be custom-made from scratch, notes Steve. Original murals on the walls, patterns, and prints on wallpaper and tiles will help to make the interior special.

Tactility and practicality

In 2023, tactility comes first in decoration, experts emphasize. “In the decoration, it is good to use chopped unhewn stone, and natural parquet board in soothing colors. I recommend using as many items as possible from wool, cotton, velvet, clay, and ceramics for wall cladding and furniture upholstery,” says Bugaev.

It is also important that the finish is practical. “How long the interior will look as aesthetically pleasing, whether it will age beautifully – these, in our opinion, are extremely important issues in decoration. Finishing should not only be pleasing to the eye but also be durable,” said Tina. To achieve this effect, the designer advises using anti-vandal paint in wall decoration. You can also add cork elements – it is resistant to damage and unpretentious in maintenance.

Color and texture in the bathroom

Another trend this year is colored sanitary ware in the bathroom. “You can choose a red or light green toilet bowl – it looks fresh and is practical to use. If you are not a fan of rich colors but prefer natural tones, try woody, beige, or olive shades – discreet and sophisticated. They will softly fit into the classic white bathroom interior,” comments Stepan Bugaev, founder of the Tochka Design studio.

In the decoration of the bathroom, you can also use wood-like materials. “Wet areas are not the best place for a natural array, since this material does not like moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, it is better to use various alternatives – wood-effect tiles and porcelain stoneware, as well as quartz vinyl on the floor, ”recommends the designer.

Honey and warm gray

In the decoration this year, it is worth giving preference to unusual colors, designers strongly advise. “The shade “spicy honey” is becoming more and more popular in different tones: sandy, woody, or amber. Among the contrasting combinations, the combination of white and brown comes to the fore. Intense blue, complemented by a white-gold or black-and-white accent, is gaining popularity,” says Steve

Also in 2023, yellow-cream, muted mint, gray-green, and warm gray colors will be relevant, says Tina. It will be interesting to look at the total dark green finish, up to painting the window frames in this color, the expert adds.

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