Anti-trends in furniture design: what will go out of fashion in 2023

We tell you what interior items should be abandoned this year and what to replace them with.

In order to decide which annoying items in the interior it is time to get rid of, it is important to know not only what is in line with fashion trends, but also what has long been out of date.

Together with designers, we tell you which pieces of furniture will become anti-trends in 2023.


Classic wardrobes with sliding doors are no longer in fashion, say the designers. “This applies to those models where the doors are located on different rails, the transition on which gives the structure an unaesthetic appearance. Sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors have also gone out of fashion,” said Fuchsia home staging and redesign studio.

Upcoming trends urge us to return to hinged cabinets with plain doors again. If you have a small room where you can’t put a swing closet, pay attention to coplanar models: they have runners hidden under the doors, and when closed they form a single space.

Velvet and quilted furniture

Classic royal interiors with quilted and velvet furniture have long been out of date.

Modern design trends force us to pay attention to the practicality and functionality of furniture, and not to the pompous appearance, said Mashysheva. “Screaming” sofas and velvet-covered poufs, according to her recommendation, should be replaced with environmentally friendly and easy-to-care materials, such as velour or leatherette, while it is better to give preference to a minimalist design and make sure that the sofa is comfortable for relaxing.

Metal legs and partitions

Furniture with metal legs is also a thing of the past. “It has become too much, and when there is too much of something, it is quickly abolished. On marketplaces, in furniture stores, and in the catalogs of very expensive factories, chairs, tables, cabinets, and consoles flaunt on black, gilded, and white thin metal legs. Very often, manufacturers buy the same fittings. Indeed, the variations of accessories from suppliers are limited, so the flight of fancy ends with these conditional restrictions,” said the designer, founder of the Grande Familia (iRoomproject) studio.

Zoning space with partitions is also no longer relevant. This is especially true for dark partitions made of dense materials that do not let in light and visually conceal space, the founder of the Fuchsia studio specified. She noted that the same applies to wooden partitions, which until recently were a popular element of eco-friendly interiors.

Total bow and headsets

In 2023, it is worth abandoning the pursuit of pure style in the interior. “Minimalism, classics, loft, hi-tech are gone, pure style is replaced by your individuality, comfort, and feelings that you will experience when returning home. To do this, we mix different finishing materials, furniture, and decor. To soften concrete walls – echoes of the loft – ultra-modern futuristic furniture will be relevant. And for the owner of a minimalistic interior, the introduction of furniture in the style of the 1970s-1980s will become something familiar and cozy because it will remind him of the past,” Olga noted.

It is also worth abandoning the purchase of a single headset. You should not use a bed, bedside tables, chests of drawers, or tables from the same manufacturer in your interior – they are all the same in style, made from the same materials, and in the same color scheme. This technique should be excluded if you do not plan to make a design project in the style of minimalism.

Solid mass and gloss

Huge countertops made of exotic wood are also a thing of the past. “There was a period when designers used massive wooden slabs in their work, brought, for example, from Africa or Indonesia. In these irregularly shaped structures, transparent filler was added and tables were made. Such an approach is in the past. Now, fewer designers offer customers solid wood furniture, as it is difficult to work with. As a replacement – veneer, MDF with painting, which are much easier to work with. Moreover, these materials dispel the myth that good furniture can only be made of wood,” said Steven.

“High gloss” is becoming a thing of the past, especially in high-tech interior design, the founder of Tochka Design studio specified. According to him, in modern solutions, furniture with a shiny finish is irrelevant.

Round lamps and spider chandeliers

Spotlight is still popular, but classic round lamps in a gray frame are already considered a relic of the past, said Natalia Malysheva. She recommended replacing them with ceilings with hidden pockets for lighting.

Like most loft-style items, spider chandeliers are losing their relevance. “Superfluous elements on chandeliers that do not have a functional value, it is better not to choose. It is worth replacing them with stylish closed lamps in a minimalist style. Plafonds should be matte. It is desirable that the main light source is one. And so that one lamp can illuminate a large space, use white light, ”recommended the founder of the Fuchsia studio.

Bright prints and discomfort

Bright furniture and an abundance of prints are other anti-trend in furniture design. “For example, you should not combine yellow, green, pink, and so on in one design project. This combination will make your interior catchy and ridiculous. This also includes an abundance of prints. Designers are less and less using this technique in their work,” said Steven.

Beautiful but uncomfortable furniture is also irrelevant. Sometimes even well-known brands sin by sacrificing comfort for visual beauty, said Inna. “We met a sofa on which you want to flop, but you sit on it … like on a perch? But it is really beautiful – upholstery, armrests, legs. After the pandemic, people became especially interested in the comfort of their homes and began to invest much more in them than they planned a couple of years ago. Therefore, the stake in ergonomics and comfort are extremely high. Quality and functionality, relevance through time – that’s what you should remember,” advises the designer.

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