Unexpected color combinations: 7 really bright options

We prove that even not the most popular color can look impressive and become a highlight of the interior.

We have prepared an unexpected selection for you. These color combinations are not the most popular, many designers fear and avoid them, as they are considered not very successful. However, we know that there are no unshakable, permanent rules in interior design (and if they appear, it is only to be broken soon).

Let’s explain why turn to unexpected color combinations : 

  • an unbeaten range (if you are also pretty tired of pastel colors, proven color schemes, and beige-brown and gray-white interiors );
  • really bright solutions  (juicy colors, multiplied by the originality of combinations, make the interior doubly eye-catching);
  • a reflection of your taste and look at the design of the space, perhaps this is the main point – if you like it, then why not?

1. Green + pink

Dusty pink is not the first season at the peak of popularity, but this color has much brighter options. How about pairing them with an equally juicy green? The solution is quite contrasting and bold, but with the right choice of tones, it will look organic and fashionable.

2. Blue + orange

Another contrasting pair is shades of blue (from blue and azure to rich and dark) combined with orange tones (from soft peach to terracotta).

Note that usually blue dominates in this union and orange acts as accent additions. So the situation turns out to be bright, and characteristic, but not “toxic”.

Still low on brightness? Complement the palette with small juicy red details.

3. Lilac + blue

The combination of shades of lilac and purple with blue tones – from pale blue to blue-black – is another infrequent interior combination. That, however, does not make it less attractive and sophisticated.

Want to add a third bright color to the palette? Try choosing from shades of yellow or green. Metallic tones under gold (including aged) will also fit perfectly.

4. Green + yellow

A bold combination that instantly brings a spring-summer sunny mood into the atmosphere. If this is exactly what you are missing in the urban jungle, take note.

5. Pink + blue

If at the mention of this combination, a room for children of different sexes appeared before your eyes, we hasten to remind you: both blue and pink have a lot of variations. Airy, refined, saturated, refined, with a cold or warm undertone – in a word, there is plenty to choose from.

Want to add a third active tone? Take a closer look at the green and yellow options.

6. Blue + green

The combination of blue and green is ideal for those who want a bright interior, but at the same time gravitate towards more neutral tones. Both of these colors do not go out of fashion and few people are able to get bored with time. And their mix can become the basis for a truly expressive environment.

7. Pink + orange

Perhaps, at the mention of such a combination, some professionals will nervously flinch or roll their eyes. But take a look at the photos: with the right selection of tones, this mix can become a real highlight of the interior. And guaranteed to bring the atmosphere of the holiday and summer mood into the house.

Take note

A few tips for those who decide to combine bright colors in the interior (not necessarily from our shortlist):

1. Choose colors based on the mood of the interior you want to get. If your goal is a more gentle solution, stop at light colors. If you want brightness, lightness, and simplicity, your choice is pure, basic, simple colors. If you are creating a sophisticated environment, focus on sophisticated, complex shades with a discernible undertone.

2. You can create a bright interior on the basis of only one active color. To do this, try combining its warm and cold tones, as well as arranging a plain coating with a patterned one.

3. If your interior has two (or more) active bright colors, this does not mean at all that they should be used in equal proportions. The environment looks much more harmonious, in which one bright shade acts as the main one, and the second serves to make contrasting accents. 

4. Are you afraid to overdo it? Choose the “safe” path: stop on a calm background, add colors in a dosed and consistent manner, and generously dilute with basic neutrals. 

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