6 very atmospheric living rooms

The living room is a versatile room. Here we not only relax in front of the TV after a working day but also meet guests and celebrate solemn events.

If you want to create a festive atmosphere in your living room, we offer you to look at a selection of very beautiful and elegant interiors for inspiration.

1. Bright kitchen-living room with a glass partition

The designer designed the interior in her signature style with bright details and unusual decor. Between the corridor and the living room, a glass partition was placed, which resembles a large French window.

A very comfortable “knitted” sofa attracts attention in the living room, and a handmade wooden panel has become the central element – ​​it was brought specially for this project from Indonesia.

2. Beautiful living room with elements of American classics

The designer suggested moving the walls of the kitchen and turning it into a kitchen-living room. The result is a light classic interior with a slight American accent.

A mirror triptych two meters high was hung in the dining table area. The mirror panel was made in a stained glass workshop. 

Volumetric inserts in a frame of colored glass were cast in molds using glass sintering technology – fusing.

3. Living room with frescoes and a real fireplace

An oval dining table was placed in the bay window, and in the corner near the window, there was a place for a fireplace.

There are frescoes in the dining area – their design combines the two main colors of the design project: yellow-gold and azure.

MDF panels were used to finish doorways and fireplace shelves. They imitate entirely the texture of wooden panels, but are more wear-resistant.

The living room was decorated with a pattern on the entire wall.

4. Luxurious living room with noble finishes

Color solutions became the main feature of the interior: the designer was not afraid to use a rich noble green tint in combination with brass.

Natural shades and materials were used in the decoration, as they will be relevant for a long time: wood veneer, brass, decor, and carpets made of natural materials. 

5. Cozy living room with elegant decor

The designer designed the room in blue and turquoise shades, and used elegant furniture and beautiful decor.

The result is a mix of America, Europe, and Asia with vibrant details, many of which are brought from iconic locations around the world. They carry their energy and fill the house with a special charm. In the interior, a lot of stucco was used in the door portals, on the ceiling and in the design of the walls.

6. Delicate interior with a panoramic view of the city

The designer has created a light and comfortable interior with a Provence-style atmosphere.

To expand the space, the non-load-bearing walls separating the kitchen from the living room were dismantled and zoning white sliding glass partitions in a steel frame were installed. 

It seems that the walls are half made of windows. The designer personally bought the fabric for the pillows in the living room in Paris, and later sewed these pillows herself.

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