4 beautiful options for Easter decorations from chrysanthemums from florists

We share examples of what thematic compositions for the upcoming holiday can be made with your own hands from fresh flowers.

Decorate your home for Easter in the traditional way. Set a beautiful table, paint eggs, and make a festive serving with Easter cakes. But besides this, interior compositions made of flowers and improvised materials are also available today, which can become a bright accessory and decorate a holiday. We offer several of these ideas.

1. Easter eggs on legs

Such decorations will be the most optimistic touch of festive home decor. 

Plants and materials

Chrysanthemums (Korona, Baltica Pink, Coconut, Doria Pink, Madiba Nyaka Cream, Madiba Ringa Yellow, Stresa, Prosecco), awakened branches of Japanese spirea, polyurethane foam, sawdust, secateurs, floral foam, welded metal rods.


Make an egg shape with polyurethane foam. Then decorate the resulting planter with sawdust. Insert the legs, they can be metal or wood. Inside, place the chrysanthemums on the floral foam. The composition can decorate a served table, chests of drawers, shelves, and racks.

2. Egg-shaped planter for floor composition

The shape of an egg is also used in the manufacture of pots for floor compositions.

Plants and materials

Chrysanthemums (Zembla Lime, Madiba Ringa Yellow, Kennedy, Korona), awakened branches of Japanese spirea, pistachio greens, polyurethane foam, secateurs, floral foam, decorative feathers. 


This mold is also cast using mounting foam. The stems of plants in the composition of the floral foam are arranged vertically. They can be combined in different ways, there are no strict rules. It all depends on desire and imagination.

3. Flower arrangement in the shape of an egg

The flower arrangement itself can also be made in the shape of an egg. 

Plants and materials

Chrysanthemum heads (Korona, PIP Salmon, Grand Pink, Coconut), pistachio greens, secateurs, floral foam, planters, transparent egg capsules, and decorative feathers.


Make an arrangement of flowers on the floral foam of such a size that it fits in a transparent egg. Put the egg in a planter, add ordinary colored Easter eggs, and put the planter in a conspicuous place. This decoration is reminiscent of a well-known fairy tale. The immortality of the flowers in the egg is unlikely to be achieved, but it is quite possible to preserve them in this way for a longer period.

4. Just flower arrangement

Plants and materials

Chrysanthemums (Korona, PIP Sunny, Grand Pink, Coconut, Doria Pink), awakened tree branches, secateurs, floral foam, planters, transparent egg capsules, and decorative feathers.


Place chrysanthemum stems and awakened tree branches vertically on the floral foam, forming lines. Cover the floral foam with flower heads, which can also be hung in transparent egg capsules for an added effect. Decorate the composition with decorative feathers. 

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