IKEA has released a new collection: VARMBLIXT

IKEA has released a collection of lamps that do not look mainstream at all. Collaboration with Sabina Marcelis includes 20 items – lamps, carpets, and furniture in The VARMBLIXT collection.

The Swedish corporation IKEA has attracted a well-known designer from Rotterdam Sabine Marcelis to create a new collection Varmblixt. The collaboration was announced in June at Milan Design Week, and today the collection was presented. Sales promise to launch in February.

In the collection, with the help of various transparent materials, the effect of light on the space is investigated. It combines small accessories, lighting, and large pieces of furniture. In the collection, the corporate style of the designer is guessed – for example, there is a glass bowl in the shape of a donut, which was released in amber and mint-green colors.

“This collection is dedicated to products that bring a sense of warmth and positivity to the home,” says Marcelis. – I like that light can… Give dynamic qualities to static objects. You shouldn’t bring anything into your home that doesn’t make you happy or cause you any emotional reaction.”

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