Storage systems: 5 rational projects

Interior studio JAAK has developed a project for an apartment of 33 square meters. Inspired by traditional Japanese homes, Hong Kong-based designers recreate an open living space with as many functional storage areas as possible to provide a harmonious minimalist ambiance.

Instead of walls, for space zoning, a custom-made wardrobe was used here. Above the bathroom door, near the ceiling, there is a series of niches that stretches along the partitions and merge with the closet, forming a neat single system. The bed is placed on a platform, which is also designed for storage. All appliances are hidden behind built-in wardrobe fronts, ensuring that the space remains uncluttered and as functional as possible.

MNB Design Studio has renovated a 70-square-meter apartment in Hong Kong’s Tai Wai district.
The role of bounding surfaces here is performed by wooden frames merged with furniture into a single system, this helps to expand the space and does not interfere with the light. And all the items are hidden in niches and cabinets, which makes the interior aesthetically “unfinished” and creates an optimal background for life.

The wooden wall in the living room acts as the “backbone” of the apartment with useful horizontal stripes-shelves and vertical stripes-door handles. The bed in the bedroom is placed on a wooden platform, which acts as a storage system and, together with a built-in wardrobe next to the door, helps to keep things organized. The guest bedroom also has a modular storage system. 46 hollow wooden cubes, attached to the walls and ceiling, are designed to accommodate a large number of things for completely different purposes.

Architects Tom and James Teatum have designed a living space in Hammersmith that is optimal for work and life. In their opinion, this concept of housing for rent, called the Garden House, will encourage people to spend more time at home.

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The house itself is a multi-level space, where each surface performs its specific functions. Cabinets and shelves made from birch plywood are built into the walls to ensure that residents only have to deal with essential items during the day. A metal bridge separates the living space from the rooftop area, separating the relaxation and work areas. In the walk-through rooms, there are also cabinets recessed into the wall. Their bright color enlivens the interior and sets the right mood vector.

Studio Atelier TAO + C has transformed a 95 square meter one-bedroom apartment into a huge “library”. The functionality here is elevated to the absolute. The architects removed all interior partitions to create an open floor plan and installed two-tiered oak bookshelves along each of the walls. They can be filled for their intended purpose, or they can be left empty since the wooden geometry also looks like an independent decor element.

William Tozer Associates has remodeled a Victorian house in north London. The whole process was to create an open two-level space and introduce integrated storage systems for space zoning.

The white walls used to divide the interior spaces into different zones include cupboards hidden behind the facades. Doors on the same principle are hidden behind a white solid surface.
In the center of the first floor, there are floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The top floor space is used as a loft, but with enough storage in other areas, it won’t get cluttered over time. On the contrary, light passes through the attic windows to all corners of the apartment.

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