Hallway in a modern style: an elegant and beautiful solution for any area

The hallway is often decorated last. However, it is from this zone that the interior of the apartment begins. Therefore, the design must be thought out to the smallest detail. We tell you how to decorate the entrance area in a modern style.

Modern – the freest interior for styling. It will easily withstand retreats towards minimalism, scandi, and neoclassicism. And at the same time remain itself. We tell you how to decorate a beautiful hallway in a modern style: the choice of finishes, colors, furniture, and decor.

Main features and palette

In this design, there are no clear rules. Unlike the Scandinavian or neoclassical style, it does not require special shapes and textures. But it has some features that unite all interiors. First of all, it’s a palette.

Designers often choose light colors in their designs. Shades of white, beige, milky, gray, and pastel – all this is suitable for the role of the base. But color can also be seen often. In the design photo of hallways in modern-style apartments, you will surely find bright color spots, and sometimes very large ones. The color is found in finishes such as printed floor tiles, furniture cabinets, and accessories. Complex tones are in fashion, and designers prefer just such a range: olive, gray-blue, powdery, ash-lavender, mustard, and so on. 

We recommend making small hallways in a modern style light, even in the photo such examples look visually larger. A palette of light colors adds air to the tiny space. Especially when it is not lit by the sun. A layout with a window in the entrance area is a rare occurrence.

Materials and finishes

Another important point is the selection of materials. Especially when we talk about the design of the entrance – this is a zone with an aggressive environment.


The easiest option is paint or light-colored plaster. Both coatings are neutral, so they are good as a base. If the footage allows, the hallway in a modern style can be decorated with wallpaper. Use them as an accent, on one wall. In this case, you can take designer models, they are more expensive but more effective. Pay attention to Scandinavian, English, and other European manufacturers. They can find a stylish print: from floristry to geometry – anyone will suit the design.


Since the environment in the entrance area is hard, the floor covering is also chosen to be moisture and wear resistant. One of these options is ceramic tiles. Alternatively, even more, durable porcelain stoneware.

If the walls are monochromatic, then the floor can be printed. This is both geometry and textures. Of the latter, stone and wood are relevant. Wood effect tiles are a good idea for connoisseurs of eco-styling.

The decoration of small hallways in a modern style should not be contrasting. If possible, choose a floor covering of the same brightness as the walls. In this case, you will be able to visually expand the room. If such a task is not worth it, any shade will do.

If the entrance area smoothly transitions into the kitchen, and this option is often found in new buildings, try a design trick – a single-floor finish. This will unite the space, and make it whole.

The same applies to adjoining rooms such as a bathroom and a toilet. Moreover, tiles are a classic option for flooring in these rooms.


The choice of items and layout are completely dependent on the footage. In a small hallway in a modern style, you can pick up a wardrobe. This is better than open shelves or hooks as clothing will not visually clutter up the space. You can leave a couple of hooks above the cabinet for shoes or a bench. Guests can use them.

Often, designers build shelves and cabinets into ledges and niches, and design a modular system – this saves space and corrects the proportions of the room. The facades of such cabinets are usually not decorated, simple minimalist forms are more common. But they can be highlighted in color.

An open niche looks good in corner spaces. But only if you are willing to sacrifice space. The same principle is in the selection of a chest of drawers. You can replace them with a full-fledged wardrobe when there are other places for storing things in the apartment. For example, a separate dressing room. Otherwise, every time you have to take outerwear to the closet in the bedroom or in the living room – this is not convenient.

A separate shoe rack is a good option for storing shoes if space is tight. When the family is large and there are a lot of shoes, take a closer look at the closed models. They look neater than open shelves. In IKEA, for example, there are models of different sizes: both narrow and tall, and small and wide. You can put a couple of decorative pillows on a low shoe rack and make a bench out of it.

In a spacious area, a cupboard or console will complement the wardrobe. Here, the choice of model is influenced by the general style. You can choose a more minimalist item, for example, made of glass and metal, and a decorated one – wooden on thin graceful legs. A small pouffe made of velvet, metal, or wood is the highlight of a professional design. The texture and deep color will add a touch of aristocracy to the interior.

Lighting and decor

One of the main accessories in the entrance area is a mirror. The functional item also serves as a space enlarger. The larger the mirror, the larger the area appears. This can be seen in the photo of white hallways in a modern style. And in contrasting designs, this is generally a must-have. 

  • The best solution is mirror cabinet fronts. One sash or several – choose depending on the effect you want to get.
  • If there is no cabinet, you can use a mirror panel in one of the areas.
  • The easiest option is a regular mirror above a cabinet or table. The main disadvantage of such a solution is that you will not see yourself in full growth.

You should not get carried away with accessories and small items in this area. Firstly, the style does not imply abundant decoration. And, secondly, the room itself is not suitable for this purpose. A picture or a basket for small things is suitable as a decoration, it is better to refuse vases and other items on the table: it is easy to overturn and break, just by accidentally hitting them.

As for lighting, this aspect also depends on the area. In this style, you can use a figured chandelier made of glass or metal, it will even become an accent. But only if the room is spacious. In small rooms, technical light will also be enough – spots along the perimeter, which can go into the corridor.

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