How to make a one-room apartment more spacious: 8 best ideas

A small space is subconsciously perceived by us as an inconvenience. But what if you have modest area? We will tell you how to add spaciousness to a small apartment with the help of design techniques.

1. Use light colors

Even in a small space, it is possible to place a sufficient number of functional areas. To avoid making the room look congested and cluttered, give preference to a light palette. Do not get carried away with accents and contrasts, choose 2-3 subtle colors and use them when choosing finishing materials and furniture.

2. Put a glass partition

Light perspectives will help to enhance the feeling of spaciousness: open doorways, and glass doors. In general, transparent partitions are a long-term trend in the zoning of small rooms. They do not block the flow of light, they look light and airy. And if you need to create privacy, hang a blackout curtain on the inside. You can choose between sliding or fixed models, made entirely of glass or combined, depending on the tasks of the partition.

3. Organize Closed Storage

Visual noise always visually reduces the space, because it often creates the impression of clutter and overloads the home with details. Therefore, it is better for owners of small apartments to organize mainly closed storage systems: hanging cabinets instead of shelves, chests of drawers and sideboards, etc.

4. Reduce the amount of décor

Conciseness in decoration is another simple technique that has a positive effect on the perception of a small room. Add a minimum of accessories to the interior, preferably simple shapes or in a restrained palette. Overly saturated details in the overall laconic picture will hurt the eye, so even if you create accents with décor, do not overdo it with brightness.

5. Choose standard furniture and fixtures

Furniture and plumbing fixtures of the right shape are preferred for small apartments. A classic sofa, a rectangular bathtub instead of a corner bathtub, a standard sink, and a toilet bowl – all this will help you achieve a laconic environment and, therefore, visual spaciousness. Do not strive for excessive originality on a limited area — this way you risk only getting an unsuccessful and inconvenient design.

6. Let More Light In

A well-lit space always looks more spacious than one in semi-darkness. Even if you do not have panoramic windows in your apartment, you can enhance the illumination with the help of glossy surfaces of furniture and floor coverings, light translucent curtains or roller blinds, different lighting scenarios, and light wall and ceiling decoration.

7. Use transforming furniture

Multifunctional furniture is perfect for one-room apartments. You can organize the sofa area, storage, and bedroom at the same time with the help of a sofa-bed wardrobe. And transform if necessary. Choose a small table that slides apart when guests arrive. Make a mobile workplace. Today, there are many offers on the market with “2-in-1” and even “3-in-1” functions, and a non-standard transformer can be made to order.

8. Pick up a discreet style

Not all style trends are suitable for small spaces: for example, classics in their purest form, loft, Art Deco. Choose more concise and undemanding directions. Minimalism, contemporary, scandi and light neoclassicism are ideal. In general, it is worth making it a rule: the simpler, the better. Because simple colours and shapes fit together better than complex eclectic solutions.

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