5 common mistakes of those who use white in the interior

Most common mistakes in the use of white, which almost everyone has encountered.

1. Ignore the role of natural light

White color formally refers to cold colors. But its temperature depends on the admixture of blue, green, yellow, and red. Therefore, when choosing paint for walls or upholstery for a sofa, it is important to focus on the illumination of the room.

If the windows are large and face the sunny side, use a cool shade of white and complement it with bright tones of the same temperature. And if the lighting is not enough, it is better to choose a warm white color. 

To choose the right paint tone, look at the color formula. It looks like NCS S XXXX-Y/G/R/B. Where NCS S is the national standard color system. XXXX is four digits. The first two indicate the percentage of darkness, and the next two – the percentage of saturation. And the letters at the end: Y – yellow, G – green, R – red, B – blue. Yellow and red will give a warm shade of white, while blue and green will give a cold one.

2. Leave white because “it’s supposed to be”

The interior has standards that have been established for a long time. White ceiling, white window sill, window, and window slopes. Switches and radiators are also most often white. In general, this is a classic technique. But if you refuse it, you can win more.

  • The ceiling, which is at least partly painted in the same color as the wall, appears taller.
  • A bright window frame or slope makes the interior more interesting and draws attention to the window and the landscape behind it.
  • Switches or radiators, matched to the color of the wall, will not look like a white patch and will make the interior more harmonious.

3. Mix matte and glossy white

If you decide to make a monochrome interior or use white as a background, immediately determine the finish of the surfaces: matte or glossy. Mixing them is not recommended. The reason is that matte and glossy surfaces react differently to light. Gloss reflects it, and therefore seems brighter to us, while matte textures absorb light and appear more muted. 

4. Choose white in the hope that it will not go out of fashion.

This is a truly universal color that will not cease to be relevant, but nevertheless, the owner’s favorite tones should be the basis of an individual interior. 

You can create a durable and stylish design based on any color, from black to pink. It is important to choose the saturation of tone and successful contrasts. For example, you can safely paint the wall in a small kitchen black if it pleases you, and set it off with light wood floors and furniture. Black will also never go out of style, and if it pleases you more, use it.

5. Consider that white will automatically make the interior stylish

The choice of color alone does not guarantee that the interior will be stylish. You need to work out textures, choose lighting, choose furniture and decor in the right style direction, and correctly combine objects from different styles and eras, if you have them. Work on a stylish interior is not limited to the choice of color. Although it is certainly easier to match all the filling under white, this is the most obvious and simple choice that you can make.

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