Paintings for the Interior: Tips for Choosing and 7 fashion stories

Abstraction, eco-themed, and black&white graphics – we tell and show examples of how to decorate different rooms with stylish paintings.

Decor completes any design – especially wall decor. Art adds colors to the space, sets a certain mood, and reveals the character of the owners of the house. In this article, we tell you how to choose stylish paintings for the interior and share ideas on how to fit them organically into different rooms.

Fashionable paintings in the interior

Consider what paintings for the interior of the living room and other rooms are now in trend.


In the top of fashionable paintings for the interior, abstraction can safely give the palm-color splashes and silhouettes, which everyone interprets in their own way, fit into different styles, and are suitable for any room. In fact, abstraction does not have a specific plot as such – on the canvas, first of all, the inner world of the artist is expressed, some kind of emotion or image that will have its own meaning for each person. This is what makes abstract painting so popular and versatile. Complex watercolor overflows have a place in a modern or neoclassical style, with thin lines, and deliberately simple figures – in minimalism. The lack of a clear plot allows you to fit such decor into any room, whether it be an office, hallway, or kitchen.

In order for the canvas to look harmonious in the surrounding space, select the size and frame (and sometimes you can completely refuse it) in accordance with the footage of the room and the scale of other interior elements. 

Achromatic color

The combination of black and white is a classic beyond fashion and time. This applies to decoration, furniture, and decor.

The main advantages of achromatic paintings are restraint, elegance, and versatility. Such canvases can fit into any color scheme, whether it is a neutral beige interior, light Scandinavian, or colorful eclecticism. The drawing can be anything: from abstract strokes of paint to detailed portraits.

Black and white paintings for the interior may look different:

  • Sketches, drawings, sketches.
  • Any graphics.
  • Geometric and abstract figures on large canvases.
  • Sketches of buildings, cars, and equipment.
  • Calligraphy.


Images of people especially face, always evoke more emotions and add personality to a space.

At the same time, it is very important to choose the right plot and presentation, since some portraits, on the contrary, can cause anxiety or other negative associations. The location of the canvas also matters: for example, impressionable people should not hang a gloomy image of a face with a gaze in front of the bed. And in general, the chosen decor should not create the “Mona Lisa” effect, when it seems that the painted eyes are watching you at any point.

Which portraits to choose:

  • Classical – watercolor, oil, etc.
  • Pictures of family members.
  • Reproductions of cult work (perhaps in the author’s interpretation)
  • Sketches and pencil sketches
  • Stylizations: for example, pop art portraits, cubism, or expressionism.


One of the main trends of 2023  is the maximum naturalness of design and proximity to nature. Therefore, more and more apartments are being designed in eco-style (or simply based on its basic principles).

Accordingly, the natural theme can be traced in the decor. It can be expressed in plots, colors, or the materials themselves. So, now in trend:

  • The paintings on the boards are original and interesting wooden panels, the image on which is applied with a special print.
  • Floral and animal scenes – can be made in any technique, laconic stylizations look especially stylish.
  • Landscapes in bright natural colors – beige, green, brown, yellow, blue, and white prevail.


The decor with ethnic motifs looks good in a variety of environments: both among eclecticism and in a discreet neutral interior.

Choose canvases so that they do not look foreign and clumsy, as if they were brought from an ethnographic museum. It is best to choose concise stylized drawings that simply add color and a certain brightness to the design.

For example, it can be:

  • Oriental patterns.
  • African theme.
  • Image of exotic plants or animals.
  • Japanese, Chinese, Indian, or Arabic themes.

Original authors work

With the general trend towards minimalism and conscious consumption, the number of decorations in the living space is decreasing, but the value of each item is increasing.

Therefore, cheap reproductions of popular and already boring masterpieces of painting are becoming a thing of the past. Now in the trend (and will be for a long time) – any author’s paintings, preferably created in a piece. The name of the creator does not matter: it can be a work of a contemporary artist bought in a gallery, a series of landscapes painted by a designer for a customer’s project, or even your own creation. The main value of such decor lies in the story and the emotions behind it. In addition, any exclusive makes the space more interesting and visually more expensive and also fills it with emotions.


Today, unusual modular canvases consisting of several parts are very popular.

They are of two types:

  • One drawing is divided into several canvases – they are hung close to each other so that the composition is perceived as a whole.
  • Two or three independent paintings on one topic.

Such sets are good because the composition and arrangement of the elements are already chosen for you – all that remains is to choose where to hang the modules. The easiest way to decorate the space is with diptychs and triptychs. Scale sets (for example, five or more parts) will be a little more difficult to work with. And they are suitable for spacious rooms with high ceilings – otherwise the interior will seem overloaded. Canvases are attached with liquid nails, double-sided tape, hooks, or fasteners with Velcro.

Ideas for different rooms

We will figure out how to choose stylish and modern paintings for the interior of any room.


The kitchen is an area with high humidity and temperature changes, which also gets dirty quickly. This must be taken into account when decorating. Pictures, as a rule, are hung next to the dining table or in the recreation area, if it is equipped or the room also serves as a living room. It is impractical to place decorations near the work surface – the walls in this area are usually simply finished with tiles or moisture-resistant paint. The smaller the area of ​​​​the kitchen, the more humidity will be in the room, so be sure to protect the picture with a frame with glass – an open canvas or paper sheet will quickly lose its original appearance and deteriorate.

Choose the direction of the painting and drawing in accordance with the general style and palette. Best suited for the kitchen:

  • Still life – can be in a classic style or in a modern interpretation.
  • Botanical motifs – especially if the room is decorated in Provence, Scandinavian, or eco-style.
  • Abstraction.
  • Sketches and sketches.
  • Posters on food and restaurant themes.

Living room

For a living room interior in a modern style, paintings become the main focus, which enlivens the laconic design.

The best place for art is above the sofa. This arrangement focuses on the soft group and at the same time solves the issue of decorating the wall. If the room is small in size, this can be limited. If the living room is spacious enough, you can place several canvases – both in one and in different themes. The main thing is that the whole decor should be united by one idea: it can be a single style, a common leitmotif, an author, or a drawing technique.

Remember that wall decor is not just a decoration, but also a zoning tool. Canvases can designate different functional areas: a sofa group, a dining room (if it is in the living room), a workplace, a hobby area, etc. Make sure that there is good lighting in every part of the room  – a single chandelier in the center will cast only gloomy shadows on the walls, hiding all the beauty of the painting.


In the bedroom, everything should set you up for rest and promote relaxation – keep this in mind when choosing paintings or posters.

If you want to focus on the wall behind the headboard, hang a large canvas with an interesting drawing there or make a composition of several small drawings. You can also decorate the empty space above the chest of drawers or makeup tables if they are in the room.

Abstract compositions, delicate watercolors, and light sketches (perhaps even unfinished ones) will look good here. Portraits will make the space spectacular, but it is better to hang them not opposite the line of sight, but behind the headboard or on the side of the bed. 


All elements of the interior in the nursery should meet the age and interests of the child. Unlike decoration and furniture, accessories are easy to change, so in this case you don’t have to strive to choose a universal plot that will be relevant for many years in a row.

When choosing pictures, consider the characteristics of the child’s psyche. Kids are easily excited and impressed, so wall decor should not be too large, colorful, and all the more frightening. Images of animals and fabulous creatures, plants, as well as favorite characters of the owner or hostess of the room are best suited. It can also be a casual abstraction, especially if the child is already going to school.


In apartments, the entrance area is usually small, so wall decor is the best option that does not take up usable space.

If the hallway is elongated or continues as a narrow corridor, it is best to hang several paintings in the same style along the long walls – they will give the space a rhythm and place accents. It is very important to provide proper lighting since there is no natural light in the hallway. It is best to highlight each image locally – either with a small lamp above the picture or hanging wall sconces between the works. Also suitable for LED lighting.

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