Practical or beautiful: everything about the interior of the kitchen with white glossy cabinets

The pros and cons of white glossy cabinets and give examples of using such cabinets in different styles.

The choice of the color of the kitchen cabinets is very difficult. After all, this is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also practicality. It is believed that the white glossy kitchen gets dirty very fast. However, the owners of such furniture claim that this is a delusion. Consider the pros and cons, as well as the features of such facades in the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those who decide to install light cabinets in their home tell many of its advantages. 


  • Versatility – for such cabinets it is easy to pick up wallpaper, tiles, ceiling, furniture, and decor items of any style. And you can do it yourself, without the help of a designer.
  • A variety of shades – paradoxically, but white has more undertones than others: milky, pearl, snow-white, ivory, alabaster, and others. This gives more options for matching companion colors.
  • A positive effect on the psyche – it charges with positivity, carries a feeling of purity, and safety, and does not bother like other saturated colors.
  • Light smooth surfaces reflect light, adding space and air to the room. If in a large room, this is a nice bonus, then in a small aprtment it is a necessity.


  • Absolutely white kitchen looks insipid and a little depressing. A good solution would be to dilute the atmosphere with bright accents.
  • Facades exposed to sunlight turn yellow over time. Therefore, it is better to choose high-quality materials and blackout curtains.

What is gloss made from?

Owners of light cabinets emphasize that even in imperfect form they look neater than dark or colored ones. Here, the texture and consumer properties of kitchen cabinets are more important. Gloss can be made from different materials.


The base is processed in different ways: enamel paint, PVC film coating, and acrylic. It is distinguished by increased strength, excellent appearance, low cost, and the ability to make not only straight but also radius models.


The basis is covered with a layer of plastic, painted with enamel. Plastic doors are quite resistant to temperature extremes, but they are afraid of scratches that spoil the whole appearance. However, the low price allows you to change them without much damage to the budget.


Strong, reliable, solid, and beautiful. However, naturalness will have to pay a higher price and take care more carefully with the help of special tools.

How to fit a “white gloss” kitchen into an interior of different styles

It is traditionally believed that this color is loved in southern countries, so styles that come from Greece, France, and Spain often use it. However, the northern countries do not bypass the white side. Beloved by many, Scandi widely uses it as the main one. Such facades look good in any interior, just choose the right look and accessories.

High tech

The main idea of ​​style is functionality. The absence of unnecessary details, strict geometric shapes, and modern materials: plastic, glass, and metal. Increased attention is paid to lighting. Spotlights, spots, and LED strips will come in handy here. The doors are made solid, without inserts. Often, instead of door handles, special fittings are used that open the door when pressed. A combination of white and metallic will look good here.


Elegance and homeliness – this is how you can characterize this direction. When decorating the interior, the main tone is diluted with typical Provencal shades: blue, yellow, green, and lilac. Textiles are widely used – curtains, tablecloths, and furniture capes. For walls and backsplash, they choose a thematic design – field plants, and lavender fields.


Its main feature is naturalness. Kitchen “white gloss” and wood is considered a classic pair. But if the array does not suit you, you can take its imitation, especially since modern materials skillfully repeat the pattern of wood. Cabinets with panels made of chipboard, veneer, MDF or glass, stucco elements, a large chandelier are the main elements of the classics.


Assumes the presence of a large space, so it is not suitable for all kitchens. However, by applying some design tricks, even a small room can be decorated in this direction. To do this, just take a few of its characteristic features:

  • brick wall – created using wallpaper;
  • open shelves made of wood or metal;
  • lamps of the original form, imitating technical devices;
  • railing systems – set the right mood, provide functionality.


It is considered a transitional option between strict classics and restrained high-tech. He is loved by people of all ages. Recognizable features of modernity: an abundance of steel fittings and accessories, clear lines of cabinets, blinds or Roman blinds on the windows, uniform lighting (diode, spot, chandeliers of regular geometric shapes), built-in appliances. Combinations are allowed here: a light top and a dark bottom, for example, wine-colored.

Scandinavian style

The abundance of light, handmade things, restraint, simplicity are the main signs of Scandi. Windows here are often left without curtains so as not to interfere with natural light. An exception may be filament curtains. They let in a lot of light, but protect from prying eyes. The whiteness of the finish is diluted with a wenge-colored wooden tabletop, homespun rugs, furniture, and lamps. Look at real photos of a white glossy kitchen in a Scandinavian style interior .

Care rules

The main question that worries everyone who would like to buy a light glossy cabinets is the question of cleanliness. In fact, caring for it is not much different from caring for cabinets of a different color. The only caveat is that the dirt that appears during the cooking process must be removed immediately, without waiting for them to dry. The smooth surface does not tolerate abrasive cleaners, sponges . The scratches that appear on it cannot be removed. For additional protection, you can use polishing pastes, waxes.

To facilitate the process of cleaning the lower cabinets and protect them from contamination, at the design stage, you can plan the ledge of the countertop above them by 3-5 cm. Experienced housewives are also advised to abandon the relief facades. Soot and dust get into the ledges, it can be difficult to clean them.

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