6 Best Solutions for Your Hallway

The emphasis on the door, glossy surfaces, and a light palette have collected win-win ideas for the design of an elongated hallway.

Make a mirror wall

Any mirror visually expands the space and increases the amount of light in the room. For the entrance area, both effects are important, as it is usually a small dark room with no natural light. In the case of an elongated hallway, you can work on a visual change of shape by attaching a mirrored canvas to one of the walls. So the space will almost double visually, and the proportions will seem more correct. To achieve maximum effect, abandon the framework. It is not necessary to leave this wall completely empty. For example, you can mount a hanging shelf or console on it. Or put a shallow cabinet with laconic mirror facades.

Choose a light palette

A universal solution for any small space is light shades in the decoration and furniture, which visually expand the space. In the case of a narrow hallway, thanks to a light palette, not quite harmonious proportions are so striking. If you choose furniture in the tone of the walls, then even in a small entrance area you can fit a full-fledged wardrobe. And if it has mirror facades, then the overall furniture will completely “dissolve” in the room. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose light shades for absolutely all surfaces: the floor or one of the walls can be made brighter by using color or ornament as an accent.

Paint the walls in a non-usual way

An interesting and unbeaten solution for non-standard rooms is complex painting. The combination of different colors and shapes distracts attention from the wrong proportions, and this technique is great for the entrance area. For example, you can use a color block and take a few rich contrasting shades. For example, in the project in photo, burgundy, and dark green are located on two adjacent walls, and one of the colors enters the “territory” of the second. Such a bright finish attracts the eye and slightly adjusts the shape of the hallway.

Put a bright door

The front door does not have to be in the shade of “light oak” or “wenge”, you can put a model of a completely unusual color. It will act as a bright accent and solve two problems at once: it will revive the space a little and attract attention to itself, distracting it from the irregular elongated shape of the room. At the same time, the rest of the interior can be decorated as simply as possible, because one colored spot in a small area is enough.

Use glossy surfaces

Another win-win solution for a small space of an uncomfortable shape is glossy finishes or furniture. Such surfaces, like a mirror, reflect and increase the amount of light, and also work on the visual expansion of space. In a small elongated hallway, you can use glossy flooring or make such facades of furniture: for example, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers.

Make an accent wall

A simple way to distract attention from the shape of the room and at the same time add brightness to it is to decorate an accent wall. You can use any saturated color: for example, yellow. This shade will make the interior sunnier, which for a dark hallway will be very useful. You can support the color spot with a floor covering similar in tone or furniture fittings.

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