11 ideas for a small apartment, taken from Stockholm apartment

This apartment is located in a building built in 1932 in Stockholm. Designers from the Swedish design bureau Historiska Hem made a major overhaul here and turned a small kopeck piece into a comfortable and bright space. Take note of a few tricks that will look good in any small size. 

1. Single flooring

In the living rooms, a warm-colored board was used: this visually enlarged and united a small space. The exception is the snow-white kitchen, where the board was repainted.

2. Competent zoning

To visually highlight the attached area, the designers laid a carpet in a contrasting shade and placed a lamp above it.

3. Rattan furniture

The designers decided to add coziness to the interior with the help of wooden furniture  – one small rattan chair saved the situation.

4. Open storage

Don’t want to litter the space? Use shelves: someone will say about the dust, but this does not scare fans of the Scandinavian style. Who wants to put their favorite books in a closed bookcase?

5. Plant Stand

The designers did not invent anything and used a small cork table from IKEA instead of a stand. 

6. Additional seating

Designers built this bench from plywood. Convenient: both additional seating and storage space.

7. Set in the color of the walls

It was not possible to completely abandon the upper cabinets in such a small kitchen, so they were painted white and literally dissolved in space.

8. Windows without curtains

Scandinavians don’t like curtains on the windows. Especially in the kitchen, where they would have to be washed frequently.

9. Plywood headboard

It was made by hand, so it turned out to provide a convenient shelf for books. 

10. Clip-on lamps

Small and light lamps on clothespins can be placed anywhere. Especially true for those who like to read in the evenings.

11. Hallway storage

No room for a console? Take note of the idea: shelves for shoes were placed on the wall and hooks for bags and clothes were hung.

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