Wotan Oak: How to use and combine in the interior, 51 example

It is liked by lovers of cozy, homely interiors, and fans of a brutal character in space. What is the secret of the popularity of the color of oak wotan? And how to successfully introduce it into the interior? Tell.

Noble, “expensive” in the good sense of the word textures and shades of oak remain one of the most popular for the design of an apartment or house. This wood has a wide variety of natural colors. For example, light, bleached, almost black moraine, golden brown, straw, and others. The texture can be both quite neutral, smoothed, and very active, pronounced, and embossed. This article we devoted to acquaintance with one of the representatives of the “wood palette” – the color “oak wotan”. This coating in recent years has managed to seriously squeeze out its competitors and gain immense popularity. What is the reason for such success and what kind of color it is in general – we tell and show in the photo.

What we are going to talk about:

Characteristics and features
Solutions for different rooms
— Living room
— Bedroom
— Hallway
— Kitchen
— Bathroom
Decoration and doors
Color combinations
Application in different styles

Characteristics and features

What is a wotan oak? This is a decorative material of a certain color and texture, which is used for facing furniture, and doors. Usually, this decor is used for products made of chipboard and MDF. The coating is more often made in the form of plastic. The basis of the decor is paper with a certain pattern. It is treated with special compounds, including protective ones, then under the press, they are applied to a panel of chipboard or MDF. There is also laminate in this color.

Decor today is produced by many manufacturers. The panels of different factories are superficially different from each other, but not significantly. The main characteristics remain unchanged.

The products have an easily recognizable color. It is rich, bright, and noticeably smacks of redness. This décor is distinguished by a pronounced, active wood texture. It is characterized by many contrasting veins and dark knots.

All this makes the imitation of wood a spectacular coating, but imposes a number of restrictions. Including stylistic and in combination with other colors. We will talk about these aspects further. In the meantime, look at what the wotan oak looks like in the photos of the finished interiors.

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What furniture and for which rooms are lined with this material

Oak wotan in the interior can be seen in the form of the decor of the facades of cabinets, shelves, pedestals, facing countertops, and much more.

In the living room

Cabinet furniture for the living room is often performed in such a coating. For example, they face the facades of chests of drawers, cabinets, countertops, and sides of coffee tables, racks, and TV stands, use in the form of wall decorative panels. Manufacturers produce entire collections of such furniture.

In the bedroom

Such a decorative coating for furniture is chosen by those who want to add natural motifs to the interior. In this color, the frame and headboard of the bed, bedside tables, and wardrobes can be made.

Often it is in the bedroom where the workplace is placed. Bright wood is suitable for decorating the countertop of the desk. This decoration is actively used in both adult and children’s bedrooms. As in the case of the living room, it is better to apply the shade fragmentarily.

Hallway and corridor

In the hallway, the decor is used in the facades of cabinets, they also choose pedestals, shelves, and shoe boxes in this color. You can decorate an open area for hooks and hangers.

Since the hallway, most often, is small in size, and the pattern of the material is very active, it is better to use this material dosed so as not to overload the space.


It is here that this decorative coating is most often found. A popular choice is a countertop in the working area of the kitchen set and the side facades of the cabinets.

Often it is used in the manufacture of large dining tables. Due to the large pattern, massive countertops look even more impressive.


In the bathroom, the decor is most often found in the decoration of the countertop or cabinet under the sink.

But there are also possible options for decorating shelves, racks, and cabinets with this material.

Application in the form of finishes and doors

In the interior, furniture is usually found in the decoration of oak wotan, but not only. Panels with imitation of wood made of chipboard and MDF are often used for wall decoration. For example, to create a contrasting surface in the living room or bedroom. And also for the design of the kitchen apron.

Today you can find flooring in this color. For example, in the collections of some manufacturers, there is laminate. In addition, door manufacturers make products in this shade.

Oak Wotan: combination with other colors

We have already said that this decor is rich and contrasting with a pronounced wood texture and a reddish tint. Therefore, not all color combinations will be successful. In a pair of such active coatings, it is better to choose calmer companions.

With white

Such a duet can already be called a classic. A white kitchen with a countertop or a TV table in the living room looks harmonious. White in this case creates a background for a bright tree, and successfully shades it. The combination is contrasting. To soften it, instead of pure white, you can use its shades: milk, ivory, and others.

With grey

A calmer, more balanced tandem. Almost any shade of gray will do: light, pearl, and dark, graphite. They are more often used as the main color. So that this combination does not look gloomy, you can add a third neutral color. For example, white. This will soften the composition. If you want to increase the contrast, black is used as the third color.

With black

Brutal, spectacular, and contrasting combination. This is the choice for those who are not afraid of truly bright solutions and are ready for experiments. In the decoration of furniture, black and wood can be used both in equal proportions and in other ratios. Black can act as the primary color, and wood can form a contrast. Or vice versa: the shade of wotan becomes dominant, and black is introduced fragmentarily, in the form of small details – legs, furniture frames, handles and other accessories.

With complex, “dusty” tones

Much less often, but still there are combinations of oak texture with colored elements. It is not easy to harmoniously make such a duet, in this matter it is better to trust a professional. If you want to try your hand, choose the most “safe” solutions. These are shades of green and blue palettes. But not clean, bright colors, but muted, multi-composite and dusty tones. For example, gray-blue or olive. But shades of red and yellow make up controversial combinations with reddish wood.

Application in interiors of different styles

Today, it is hard to find clean styles in interior design. Nevertheless, each space gravitates toward one of the directions. Furniture and finishing materials in the reddish color of the wood will not be harmonious in every style. This is again due to the features of the coating: the active texture of the tree and the saturated color.

Let’s look at good examples.

  • Oak wotan and loft, as well as industrial styles. It seems that redwood is created for interiors with loft motifs and elements of brutal styles. This décor is perfectly combined with ferrous metal, the texture of concrete and cement, and brickwork. And the rough texture of wood in such spaces is one of the classic elements.
  • Scandinavian style. Bright, filled with air and comfort, Scandinavian interiors can be considered the complete opposite of loft and brutalism. And yet the wotan oak is harmonious there as well. It is often chosen for a kitchen countertop in combination with a white set. Sometimes used to decorate other furniture: desks, consoles.
  • Rustic styles. Not all, but, for example, rustic and chalet. The rough and pronounced pattern of wood makes the material very logical for such interiors.
  • Contemporary. For interiors in a modern style, you can choose different finishing materials, colors, and textures. But still, the priority of the last few years is natural, natural shades and textures. In addition, now we are observing a tendency to change the cold palette in the interiors to a warm one. Oak wotan fits in all respects.

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