Scandinavian-style apartment: 70 inspiring design examples

If you prefer soft shades, an abundance of light, and light minimalism in the interior, we recommend paying attention to the Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment, as you might guess, comes from northern Europe: Finland, and Norway, but most of all it comes from Sweden. The harsh climate of these countries: long nights, lack of sunlight, as well as the mentality of their inhabitants, has formed that special design, which has been one of the most popular in the world for several years.

The main features of Scandinavian

  • The main principle of this direction is to be simpler, more natural, and more practical. And it is respected in everything: from decoration to furniture and decor.
  • The basis of the interior is light colors. 
  • Minimalism and a small amount of decor. 
  • The division of spaces into zones, which is especially important in small studios.

Scandinavian-style apartment: colors

Looking at photos of interiors, pay attention to the feeling of lightness and light that they are filled with. This effect is achieved through the correct color scheme.

It is based on white and its derivative shades: beige, melange, ivory, and so on. Pastel colors are also allowed. Dark and saturated colors are found in accessories and textiles. At the same time, pure shades are rarely used, yet more often designers choose complex solutions that are close to nature.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the “Scandinavian white” – this is not titanium white! It is always an admixture of warm beige. Be careful: if the walls are painted in cold white, there is a risk of getting a lifeless dull space. What will be especially noticeable with a lack of sunlight?

Texture and materials

In addition to light shades, naturalness is inherent in the Nordic style. It is expressed in textures and materials. And the main thing here is the tree, often unpainted. It is found both in wall decoration, and in furniture, and in accessories. Textiles are also natural: linen, cotton, and even velvet are acceptable.

Metal, stone, brick, and plastic are also appropriate. The latter is administered with care, without highlighting it with color-contrasting solutions.

The floor is covered with parquet, laminate, wood, or tiles stylized as wood flooring. The walls are almost always plastered, although you can also glue the wallpaper with a discreet pattern. An interesting solution is a wall made of artificial or real brick.

The ceiling should not be overloaded, it should be light and simple.

Furniture and decor

Introducing Scandinavian furniture is quite simple, look at Ikea products. Most of the Swedish manufacturer’s models are made in this style.

The furniture has a simple and concise design. There are no pretentious forms and decorations. Color solutions are the same: light colors, natural shades, and dark colors are not excluded.

The design of an apartment in the Scandinavian style does not imply abundant decoration, it can only be light accents. Posters and paintings on the walls, and a small number of figurines, photos, books, or magazines as decoration.

You can add color and coziness to the interior with the help of textiles: here the Nordic style allows both ornaments and bright solutions. By the way, it is easy to combine it with ethno.

In such an interior, greens look good in wicker or ceramic planters.

Room Decoration

One of the reasons Nordic design remains so popular is its versatility. Needless to say, a Scandinavian-style interior for a small apartment is one of the most suitable, because it does not overload the space.

However, it is also often used in large projects.


The main thing in the kitchen is conciseness and simplicity. White, beige, ash gray, or blue are the most popular colors. The tabletop can be made of artificial or natural stone, wood, and the apron can be made of tiles.

The maximum of natural light is achieved through light curtains, and sometimes you can do without them at all.

Hallway and living room

Light colors and natural materials are especially good in hallways where there is no natural light source.

As a floor covering, you can use patterned tiles. With a modest wall decor, it will look very impressive and modern.


You can support the overall Scandinavian style in the bathroom with light tiles. To avoid boredom, combine different textures on the floor and on the walls. Furniture may be wooden.


The bedroom in the Nordic style looks quite minimalistic. You can decorate it with textiles and paintings. If the room is small, use mirrored surfaces to visually expand the space.

Kids bedroom

If it seems to you that Scandinavian is not suitable for a nursery, you are mistaken. One of the walls can be decorated with pictures or photo wallpaper, add bright decor, and be sure to experiment with the bed. See how interesting curly furniture looks in the photos below!

Scandinavian style in the interior of a studio apartment

Since there are no partitions in such apartments, space zoning becomes very important. This can be done visually using a combination of textures, for example, flooring, or through various partitions and curtains.

In small spaces, they also use color highlighting: for example, the working area of ​​​​the kitchen and the dining group is completely done in white. And the recreation area is a color accent. 

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