How to choose a bathroom mirror: 6 things you should pay attention to

Shape, size, presence of lighting, and a frame for rich decor – we tell you how not to get confused when choosing a beautiful mirror for the bathroom.

Of course, the mirror over the sink is often bought based on taste preferences. It seems that there is nothing complicated here. But we insist: pay attention to the tips for selecting a mirror. The right decor will not only make the bathroom more stylish but also help to expand a small space. We tell you how to choose a mirror for the bathroom.

1. Which bathroom mirror shape is better: square or round?

These are two classic shapes that will never go out of style. If there is no frame and decor, the accessory will fit into any design.

  • Round models are more popular today than square ones. Designers use them in projects much more often.
  • An alternative to the square will be a product with slightly rounded corners. Very fashionable shape. But it will not suit all styles, it will look better in more modern designs.
  • Squares work well with straight-lined designs: geometric tile, rectangular washbasin, hanging vanity unit, and cleanly shaped furniture should all keep the theme going.

Separately, it is worth mentioning abstract products. Fantasy figures in the form of flowers, butterflies, or drops from the nearest store are very difficult to stylize. This product looks cheap and lacks style. This also includes complex geometry with double figures, and convex or concave edges (and even from well-known manufacturers).

If you do not like the classic solution, pay attention to a more modest abstraction, an elongated oval or semicircle. The latter can be great to emphasize the geometry of space – see how cool designers play with this shape.

2. Size

The mirror surface visually increases the area – this is a fact. And designers often use this technique in small spaces. But not always in the bathroom.

  • In a small bathroom, it is better to pick up a medium-sized mirror. You should not grind but also try to cover the entire wall – too. This is not practical: drops from a nearby shower or bath fall onto the surface. And you have to wash it several times a day.
  • In a spacious room, there are several options. An object of medium size will not distort the proportions, it will fit into the space. Large products should be selected based on the width of the countertop with a sink.
  • Pay attention to the height – the width of the gap between the edge and the sink. It shouldn’t be too narrow. Otherwise, when washing hands, water will always fall on the mirror surface. The optimal distance is about 30-40 cm.

3. Quantity

In typical apartments with a bathroom with an area of ​​no more than 4 m2, this issue is not relevant. Here, one mirror will be enough. But which bathroom mirror is better to choose, and how many of them will you need in a spacious room?

Two mirrors are hung over two bowls of the sink. This is logical: each person who washes has his own place. In this case, the principle of symmetry is most often observed: the washbasin area looks neater.

Another option is to use products for decorative purposes. There may be two, three, or even four. Usually, these are round models of different sizes. They greatly enliven the room, and give the interior dynamics and movement.

Designers often decide on more extreme solutions, for example, stylizing shapes to look like wallpaper or a picture. It is better not to repeat such techniques on your own, there is a risk of simplifying the design and making it cheap.

4. Backlight

There are two main lighting scenarios in the sink area.

The first is classic: light sources are located nearby. It can be two paired lamps at the edges. This technique looks good in classic and neoclassical interiors when technology is not so important. Or one lamp above the sink. This option is more versatile and will suit both modern and minimalist interiors, Scandinavian and loft.

The second scenario is technological. In this case, the backlight comes from the inside, usually LED lamps are used for this. This solution will look good in interiors with a bet on technology: minimalism, loft, modern, and high-tech.

5. Functional

A bathroom mirror can be not only beautiful but also functional. This is especially important in tiny bathrooms, where every meter and shelf counts.

If the area of ​​​​the room is two or three m2, take a closer look at cabinets with mirrored doors. This is not the best solution in terms of style, but in a situation where you need to think about storage space, it is inevitable. When choosing a cabinet, pay attention to its dimensions. It should not be too wide so as not to interfere with you.

An open shelf will add functionality. But do not expect spaciousness from her, this is one neat detail. Such a decision can be peeped by designers: someone chooses a shelf that runs across the mirror, and someone chooses a neat one in the corner. There should always be an order on the shelf. Do not litter it with toothbrushes, paste, soap, and other cosmetics. If necessary, pour the funds into the same stylish jars. And leave no more than 2-4, depending on the size of the shelf.

6. Decor

Another fundamental point that can ruin everything is the presence and design of the framing frame. A simple rule applies here: the more modest the interior, the simpler it should be.

  • In Scandinavian design and eco, products with wooden or metal frames are often found.
  • In minimalism, designers do without a frame or a modest one at all. The main rate goes to invoices and forms. Therefore, most likely, the model will not be simple, but designed.
  • There are no rules in modern design: you can select models based on the interior. Suitable for wood, metal, and even plastic.
  • Be careful with wide frames. They look good in large bathroom projects where there are windows. And the interior itself obliges: it is classic, and neoclassical, in the version from the pros there can be kitsch and modern style. 
  • Intricately painted or tiled patterns around the perimeter also require high style, space, and, in a good way, natural light.

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