White Bedroom Design: Detailed and Practical Guide

How to choose the right style, what to pay special attention to, what are the pros and cons of white bedrooms and how relevant such a solution is – simple answers to the main questions.

A bedroom in shades of white is a solution that attracts with its versatility. Such a design will be appropriate in rooms of any style and very different sizes. About how best to decorate a snow-white bedroom – in this capacious and useful guide.

Interior in white tones: pros and cons

The choice of light halftones for the design of the sleeping area – like the choice of any other color scheme – has its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Increase space. The design of the bedroom in white tones visually makes it more spacious. To enhance the effect will help mirror and glossy surfaces.

2. Multiplication of light. White reflects natural and artificial light – and the room seems much more spacious.

3. Neutrality. Color is not able to cause rejection, it belongs to a neutral palette.

4. Airy mood. Lightness, airy atmosphere are basic associations with color.

5. Stylistic versatility. The color looks harmonious in almost any chosen style.

6. High compatibility with other colors. Pure white is combined with absolutely all other colors and shades. Moreover: in the interior, it is a connecting element that can “reconcile” even the most incongruous tones.

7. Readiness for change. The situation in such halftones can easily change: sometimes literally one or two details are enough to seriously change the mood of the design of a white bedroom (take a look at the photo below).

8. Ease of selection of elements of the situation. Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of different furniture, décor, appliances, textiles, accessories in pure white and its variations: this is one of the most popular colors.

9. Easy to use. The advantage, partially stemming from the previous one: to decorate a clean white bedroom with your own hands is not so difficult. First, the complexity of the selection of the shade (inherent in interiors in other semitones) is leveled as much as possible; secondly, there is a wide choice of furniture and accessories.

10. No reference to the area. A tiny room in snow-white tones will look no less harmonious than a large one.

11. Timeless Relevance. The interiors of white bedrooms are a kind of classic that will never go out of fashion.


1. Inappropriateness in individual styles. Fans of Gothic interiors are unlikely to fit this palette.

2. Markness. Bedrooms in pure white look spectacular in the photo, but in real life they can be too marked, especially if there are children and pets in the house.

3. High contrast combined with dark shades. In conjunction with deep dark tones, boiling white may be too contrasting – the interior as a result will turn out to be too sharp, which is rarely beneficial.

4. Loss of interior volume. Using pure white in the setting, it is important to consider the need to use additional design techniques to give the interior volume. Otherwise, the sleeping area will turn out to be too flat, faceless, uninteresting. Among these techniques, for example:

  • adding textured materials (including textiles);
  • introduction of halftones (lighter/darker and warmer/colder);
  • versatile lighting.

5. Inappropriateness in a chamber atmosphere. Fans of a chamber, boudoir atmosphere with muted dark tones are unlikely to appreciate the advantages of boiling white bedrooms.

Design features

One of the main features of the design of a white bedroom is the ability to significantly influence the overall picture of the interior and its mood with the help of halftones and neat details. How does it work and how can I use this benefit?

1. Wall decoration

Wallpaper. Snow-white wallpaper in the interior of verified white bedrooms is an option for connoisseurs of the situation without accents and halftones. So that such a move does not make the room boring and flat, it is better to choose a finish with a pronounced texture – a three-dimensional pattern or a combination of matte and glossy elements.

A more interesting option is boiling white wallpaper with an unobtrusive, neat pattern a couple of tones lighter or darker than the background. Or, on the contrary, neutral-light wallpaper with a whitish pattern. Such walls will make the space more voluminous, more expressive, will help to get away from the feeling of the plane of a monochromatic interior.

Painting is a frequent option for finishing white walls in a bedroom in white (and the design ideas in the photo below once again demonstrate this). The safest option, appropriate in any interior, is a matte surface. But if the situation is noticeably lacking in space or gloss, glossy coatings will be useful.

Plaster. Trendy material, especially appropriate for the design of white walls in the interior. In the photo of designer rooms, plaster appears more and more often, and for good reason. Modern manufacturers offer a material with a pronounced texture and original decorative effects (for example, in a beautiful white bedroom in a vintage style, it will be appropriate to look craquelure).

Brick. For loft-style bedrooms, white brick is a logical and common choice. Also, neat industrial notes will be appropriate in the design in a modern style, Scandinavian, neoclassical and others.

Most often, white brick in the interior is used to decorate the accent wall (or part of it). But if loft romance is to your liking, you can finish all the walls. Or, alternatively, combine the main brick finish with one accent wall (painted or finished with other materials).

By the way, a brick wall can be unpainted (or painted in a variety of colors): in this case, it acts as a contrasting accent.

Wood. Ecostyle is a global, all-encompassing trend, and a bedroom with white walls is no exception. For a situation that allows accents, you can finish the wall at the headboard with wood in any natural color. Verified white rooms are suitable for painted wood, as an option – artificially aged or tinted.

Tiles. Previously, ceramic tiles or natural stone were not the most frequent options for decorating bedrooms. But among the most relevant trends is the active use of natural stone textures in the decoration of a variety of rooms.

ADVICE. The design of the white bedroom in a modern style welcomes the use of the most pronounced natural textures and seamless decoration of the walls with tiles – it looks stylish and impressive. Most often, the move is used to design accent surfaces.

2. Floor

A white floor in the bedroom is not the most common solution. Many fear that such coverage is not practical enough, and there is some truth in this. However, this disadvantage can be circumvented:

  • Complementing with a carpet in a less marked shade;
  • Abandoning the monochromatic coating (a marble white floor with a pronounced texture is a good example);
  • Picking up a less marked grout to light tiles (in fashion colored grouts, contrasting, as well as options a few tones darker).

As materials for the floor in this color are most often used:

  • Tile;
  • Wooden coatings (and high-quality imitations);
  • Self-leveling floor.

ADVICE. In the snow-white sleeping area, the floor does not necessarily have to be boiling white: another light halftone, or even a dark version, will not spoil the overall picture.


A flat snow-white ceiling is a solution that is relevant for all times and appropriate in any style. But among the current trends are more original options, for example:

  • Ceiling with stucco (and this move is appropriate not only in the interior of the bedroom in the classical style, and not only on the absolute white ceiling);
  • Ceiling decorated with wallpaper;
  • Ceiling beams (both painted in a light shade, and contrasting);
  • The colored ceiling is like a bright detail (both in the photo and in life, this technique looks impressive).

Choice of style

The snow-white range offers sufficient freedom to choose the style of the interior: whether it is the design of the bedroom in a classic or modern style, white (and in the photo below it is obvious) will look organic and natural.

At the same time, the baroque sleeping area or a room in a classic style with white furniture and decoration will be filled with appropriate details and silhouettes. A modern setting, loft space or interior in the style of modern classics will offer great brevity and an abundance of “air” in furniture.

But for almost every direction (with the exception of spaces involving a Gothic and dark, chamber atmosphere), both a boiling white color solution and a light range based on airy semitones or a palette with a predominance of snow-white and interspersed with bright accents and / or dark contrasts will be equally appropriate.


The choice of furnishing elements depends on the chosen palette, the mood of the situation, the size of the room, the level of natural light and style. Some possible options are:

  • A pure white bedroom with snow-white furniture (real photos show how light and airy such an interior looks);
  • Light (beige, pink, light gray) room with white furniture (the design solution in the photo looks no less gentle and stylish);
  • A bright or pure white bedroom with a wooden bed and natural textures (wicker accessories, natural textiles, cork, ceramics will do);
  • A gentle sleeping area with glossy and mirrored furniture (an excellent option for small rooms with a lack of natural light);
  • Light furnishings with white furnishings and colored or dark walls (an option for more spacious, well-lit spaces – so the room seems airy-light, even if a contrasting finish is chosen for the walls);
  • Pure white finish with furniture in light colors (beige, pastel, light gray).

The most advantageous option is when the finishing and furnishing are chosen in different shades. So, a snow-white bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, cabinets can visually merge with a boiling white background – and will require the introduction of additional textures and a more complex lighting scheme. But the difference in tones (even minimal) will eliminate the need to use these design tricks.

The coincidence of shades of furniture and walls looks good in cases where:

  • Textured walls (the room is decorated with white brick, 3D panels are used or wallpaper with a three-dimensional pattern for a bedroom with white furniture is chosen);
  • It is necessary to visually dissolve large objects in space (a snow-white cabinet in a small bedroom will visually become less bulky against the background of walls of the same tone);
  • Textures are added to the furnishings with the help of textiles, décor, accessories;
  • A variety of light scenarios, many sources of artificial light are thought out.


One of the most important design elements is textiles. Among other things, it may:

  • Add bright accents, contrasting details or neat halftones to the atmosphere;
  • Make it more interesting, more voluminous due to textured materials, patterns and halftones;
  • Adjust the level of sunlight (blackout curtains will protect against sunlight, and rolled ones will make it possible to adjust the brightness of the rays entering the house);
  • Increase privacy (the same dense curtains are an excellent option in case there is a risk of prying eyes outside the windows, as well as when combining the sleeping area with the living room or kitchen);
  • Increase the status of the furnishings (stylish bed decoration, the use of expensive materials).


When choosing decor and accessories, decide on the desired effect:

  • If you need to maintain a verified white scale , objects in airy colors will do;
  • You want to make a variety – add colored or contrasting dark accessories;
  • If the space turned out to be too flat – enter additional textured materials (wood, glass, metal, wicker decor, feathers of Cameroonian hats);
  • In too cramped and rather busy space, you can do with minimal decor, or completely abandon it (textiles in such cases will perfectly cope with the function of decorating).


Light is an important element of the design of snow-white space. Improperly selected lighting can distort the color, making it grayish or yellowish, too cold or too warm. To prevent this from happening, it is important to consider:

  • The existing level of natural light;
  • The size of the room (small rooms do not tolerate dark corners – they visually narrow the space);
  • Number of functional zones;
  • Accompanying colors used in the design (they not only affect the overall temperature of the interior, but also cast color highlights on the snow-white surface).

10 interesting design solutions for bedrooms in white tones

Can not decide on the design of a bedroom with white walls and furniture? Or maybe you doubt which wallpaper to choose? Photo ideas below will surely push you to a suitable solution.

1. Pure white furnishings with one bright accent

A win-win way to spice up a calibrated white room is to introduce at least one catchy accent. Take a look at how spectacular this bedroom looks in a modern style thanks to a single juicy element.

ADVICE. The photo gives another idea-hint: an unusual, voluminous, soft headboard. And if you used to wonder what wallpaper to choose for an accent wall in a boiling white bedroom, perhaps your focus will shift to alternative solutions. By the way, such panels improve the heat and sound insulation of the room.

Colored tones on a white background

Does a pure white bedroom seem boring? Against this background, dotted bright accents look spectacular and expressive. Please note: the room in the photo below is decorated using several catchy tones at once – and at the same time remains light and light.

ADVICE. Choosing a snow-white color of the walls in the bedroom with white furniture, try to make juicy notes with the help of decor, accessories. For example, the bed in the interior can be decorated with colored textiles.

3. Cozy room with scandi notes

A vivid example of the fact that the delicate design of a bedroom with a white bed can be expressive and not boring. This room with notes of scandi-style and modern classics gives several decorative clues at once: here and the obvious benefits of natural textures, and the answer to the question of what wallpaper to choose for pure white furniture, and quite bright – but not flashy – accents.

Those who are looking for a cozy example of an interior with a white bed, this design in the photo will appeal.

4. Warm shades on a snow-white background

This chic modern white bedroom is a stylish and status example of a sophisticated interior. Obviously, it is possible to create a feminine atmosphere without white and pink wallpaper. The atmosphere is filled with textures, textiles, a variety of light, warm shades – and is saturated with an enveloping atmosphere of comfort.

5. Neutral, but not boring room

A neutral bedroom with bright accents is not the only “proven recipe”. For example, this room in white tones is an example of an interesting, boring solution with neat contrasting inclusions. Black details unobtrusively shade the light background, and the beige-brown textured design of the bed balances the level of contrast of the situation.

ADVICE. If you are wondering how to make the interior of the bedroom with white furniture more expressive, the photo is a ready-made solution. By the way, the design concept is suitable for a very small white room.

6. White-grey interior

The union of white, gray and their shades is a frequent choice, due to its neutrality and versatility. Indeed, this bright bedroom with a white bed is unlikely to go out of fashion or get bored.

ADVICE. Please note: the painted pure white walls do not look boring in this room. So if you find in search of suitable wallpaper for a bedroom with white furniture, perhaps this photo will redirect the vector of your attention.

7. Room with original wallpaper

White wallpaper in the bedroom often helps to realize design ideas. This small room is a prime example. This design turned out to be original and expressive thanks to the pattern with a 3D effect that imitates wall panels.

8. Air Loft Bedroom

If you think that the loft style is necessarily a brick, take a look at this photo. Laconic, minimalistic white interior, ideally suited to the description of industrial style.

TIP: Loft is not limited to a dark palette and rough materials: in this style, you can even decorate a sleeping area in pastel colors with white furniture. The main thing is to observe the mood of the industrial direction.

9. White + warm wood

This stylish white bedroom showcases one of the most relevant combinations: pure white and a warm, neutral shade of wood. Ideal both as a full-fledged duo and as the basis for a wider palette.

10. Darkly furnished air bedroom

A white bedroom with dark furniture is an example of a moderately contrasting, harmonious solution.

However, it is not necessary to shade the air background with furniture: you can turn to accessories, decor, textiles. An air-light room with a dark door is also an interesting, moderately contrasting option.

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