Symphony of white walls with wood: An apartment for a family with four children

Details of the design for six people, which is based on a combination of natural materials and white color.

Briefly about the project

The designers had to prepare a project for the interior of the apartment for a family of six people – parents and four children. The family lived in Germany for a long time, which could not but affect their preferences in the interior.

The owners are very fond of simple clean architecture in old buildings and a minimum number of items. There was a request – to make an interior design “white with wood” and choose a finish for the floor. Including the design of the bathroom.

And in the family there is a tradition – regularly gather to watch movies together. Therefore, the authors of the project formed a huge common space of the kitchen-living room for a comfortable pastime and reflected the creative preferences of the hostess in the design – they included antique objects and art objects in the design.

Interior secrets: white walls and wood

The apartment of customers is located in the historical and business center of Ufa. The residential complex is relatively new – its construction was timed to coincide with the SCO-BRICS summit in Ufa.

Previously, the family lived in certain types of apartments in Germany, so the owners are accustomed to natural materials and a certain asceticism in design. For example, one of the wishes is an oak parquet “Herringbone”. It was this material that was used to finish the floor. In some rooms, light tiles of an interesting shape were laid.

“Customers were very much asked to preserve the height of the ceilings as much as possible. We have complied with that requirement. And also made a scenario of functional lighting, which in this apartment is more important than decorative light. And we chose an interesting interior style – white with wood, “the designers say.

White walls and a wooden floor in the apartment a technique for visually increasing the space of the rooms. However, there is always a risk of making the situation too “sterile”. If you look closely, it is easy to notice that in this interior the shade is far from pure white. Color plays with different facets, which creates an optical illusion. This solution was proposed by partners from the agency “Topcoat Boutique” under the leadership of Anna Barzilova.

White is decorated with walls in all rooms, including the dressing room, bedroom, hammam, shower, and bathroom. The exquisite simplicity of the space is emphasized by the difference in the textures of the materials.

The white color is actively contrasted with the texture of the American walnut, which is distinguished by amazing natural patterns. Such wood looks nobler than, for example, oak. Therefore, it was chosen for furniture. Wood, leather, and high-quality textiles are the basis of room design.

Two more wooden accents in the interior are a cross in the kitchen-living room and a cabinet in the hallway area. The customer loves items with a story. The antique cabinet just refers to such. A mirror for furniture was made in one of the best carpentry workshops at Ufa. The cross was also created to order.

There is an interesting detail of furniture in the second bathroom. The designer cabinet with a mirror has become a bright accent to the situation.

In the interior, there are works of art collected by the owners on trips and travels. Posters in the nursery were chosen by the children themselves, so the decor reflects their preferences. For example, the youngest son is passionate about rap culture. Posters in this theme fit perfectly into the design. The nursery for the girl also turned out to be original – gentle tones and elegant furniture made up a worthy ensemble.

The interior symphony is complemented by an art object made of threads and a painting. These details are the result of the passion of the owner of the apartment, who produces the author’s designer underwear. Her husband especially for her ordered original works from the remains of threads.

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