Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

Designer Vitaliy Savko created a colorful home interior that reflects the energetic nature of its owners.

Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

Project details:

  • Property type: townhouse
  • Area: 127 m 2
  • Style: eclecticism, minimalism
  • The main idea of ​​the project: to create an interior without a specific stylistic direction, filled with unique objects
  • Color scheme: light with bright accents
  • Project authors: designer Vitaly Savko, Svai Studio
Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

This townhouse, located in a new residential complex, belongs to a young creative couple. The customers took an active part in creating the interior and set the tone for the entire project with their energy. Svai Studio designers had only to listen to the ideas of clients and look for ways to implement them. “We didn’t stick to a particular style. A mixture of styles, eras, elements, and materials – this is the idea of ​​​​the interior. It is alive and different, just like the people living in it,” says designer Vitaly Savko.

Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior
Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

On the ground floor, the designers tried to keep as much free space as possible: the functional areas are marked only by the arrangement of furniture. The second floor was occupied by bedrooms for the owners and guests of the house.

Each zone has its own character. Thanks to the concrete-look walls and the minimal amount of furniture, the living room seems rather austere. The kitchen, made in azure and coral, looks more cheerful and balances the brutality of the TV zone. In the master bedroom, a gray and pink palette, stucco decorations, and a voluminous cloud lamp create a romantic but not cloying atmosphere. The emerald dressing room looks like a secret room, where an arched portal leads.

Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

In addition to the visual component of the interior, the designers also thought about the technical equipment. “There are no switches in the house. Lighting is controlled by programmable automation. Presence sensors are additionally installed on the stairs and in the bathrooms. Also, the light can be controlled using a smartphone and wireless switches, which, if desired, can be placed on the walls.

Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior

Another highlight of the project was the author’s pieces of furniture and decor. “The round brass panel in the bedroom is actually made of MDF but painted with real brass. After coating with this composition in several layers, the panel was sanded and polished so that it shone like real metal.

Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior
Townhouse with Bright Minimalism interior
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