Ideal outdoor recreation in the Canadian forest

The design of the housing combines Japanese minimalism and the Scandinavian atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

In Canada, in the middle of a picturesque forest, an authentic holiday house was built on “legs”. This project was created by the local architectural firm MAFCOhouse.

According to the authors, the new house is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian styles. From the first, he borrowed minimalism and simplicity, and from the second – the atmosphere of coziness and absolute comfort.

The house is installed on several piles due to the uneven landscape. The main color of the exterior was black. Thanks to this solution, the house does not stand out against the background of nature.

Inside, there is enough space for four people – there are two bedrooms with queen-size beds and bathrooms. There is also a kitchen, living room, and dining room.

The finish is made in warm colors, which in combination with natural wood create comfort. Thanks to the panoramic glazing, residents will be able to admire the Canadian forests from almost any room.

The house is supplied with the necessary communications and electricity, and the housing is insulated, so you can relax in it at any time of the year. In the case of cold winters, there is also a wood-burning fireplace.

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