Zaha Hadid Architects designed eco-friendly gas stations

A network of more than 100 stations will appear in different Italian ports and will be aimed at pleasure boats. The British studio team developed a project for the energy company NatPower, which set itself the goal of creating an infrastructure for refueling with green hydrogen. The team’s global mission is to encourage the use of clean-fueled water transport for short trips. As the architects noted, one hundred stations could help eliminate about 45,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from recreational boats in the region each year. The rounded silhouettes of the station refer to the characteristic shapes of marine life. Thus, the design is a series of 3D-printed curved compartments made of concrete blocks. The studio also notes that the structure will be completely recyclable. At the same time, the strength of the structure is ensured due to thoughtful geometry, and not a large number of materials involved.

The first station designed by Zaha Hadid Architects will be built this summer, and by 2030 they will appear in 25 Italian ports.

Images:  Tecma Solutions .

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