How to combine prints or patterns in the interior: 8 secrets

Let’s figure out how to properly combine several prints and patterns in one space – this skill will always come in handy. Of course, the ability to successfully select prints takes many years of practice, but our tips will help set you in the right mood.

1. One bright spot

For example, a large rug on the floor or a picture on the wall will be enough to add a pattern to the interior. If desired, it can be supplemented with ornaments on a vase or decorative pillows, which will no longer be so conspicuous against the background of a large element. 

2. Monochrome color scheme

In this case, you can use any prints, and their use is even encouraged because it creates a play of textures and does not overload the interior.

3. Like with like

Ethnic to ethnic, classic to classic. It will be good if I use ornaments of one or related people in one room. In truly classic spaces, floral prints and pastoral themes are often mixed (Toile de Jouy style), as well as floral prints and checks (in the English classics). 

Repetition can be present in the shapes of the prints: for example, if triangles are present in both patterns, this combination will look harmonious.

4. Stick to one color scheme

A large object in a room – a painting, a rug, or a sofa – can set the entire color scheme of the room if it contains more than one shade. Use the colors from this sample when choosing textiles, decor, and other elements of the room.

5. Small stripes are appropriate everywhere

Thin stripes in the color scheme of the room can be present in any interior. They are combined with floral prints, paisley, polka dots, and chevron.

6. Three sizes

For harmony, you can use large, medium, and small patterns in one room. This way the space will not be overloaded. 

7. Dilute with monochromatic areas

To prevent the interior from “trembling”, rattling, or creating unnecessary ripples in the eyes, it should be balanced with calm, monochromatic areas. 

8. Large patterns visually make the room smaller, while small ones do the opposite.

Keep this in mind when choosing a pattern for your room. If you want to visually raise the ceiling, use vertical stripes long floor-length curtains on the walls, and a small pattern on the sofa cushions.

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