Trends 2024/2025: Lindsey Adelman Oil Sculpture Lamps

Lindsey Adelman’s A Realm of Light exhibition opened as part of New York Design Week. “Design thinking is basically about finding creative solutions to problems, but what if the answer to some of them could be to simply ‘slow down’?” — asks the curator of the project at TIWA Gallery Alex Tieghi-Walker. Turning to the past can suggest more than one interesting solution, he is sure.

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Adelman’s exposition becomes just such an occasion to slow down and feel the moment. Her lamps look like ritual or ceremonial objects that evoke the ancient common past of humanity. Burning oil sphere lamps or elegant transparent glass lamps suspended on chains do not require electricity; the wicks burn in oil.

Recent work with oil-based lamps has led Adelman to delve into techniques that go back several millennia. “I drew on the rich traditions of the past and reinvented how they could be used today,” she says. The gallery’s display is complemented by Sarah Nsikak’s hand-embroidered tapestries made from recycled fabrics.

The clear lamps suspended on brass chains for A Realm of Light were made by Lindsey’s longtime collaborator, artist Michiko Sakano, while the sculptural lamps mounted on stands in brown, black, and gold glass were created by Nancy Callahan, another longtime artist. designer’s partner. “I love the idea of ​​personal altars,” says Adelman, hinting that the lamps can be used in one’s daily “rituals.” “The smallest moments in life can be very meaningful, so I wanted to make the work minimalist, but at the same time mysterious and authentic “

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