Colboc Sachet Architects: hotel and gallery in former silos

A former factory square in the historic center of Bordeaux has been converted into a hotel complex and exhibition space. The heart of the ensemble, designed by Colboc Sachet Architects, was eight 36-meter high concrete silos, discolored by time, which were cleared of overgrown ivy. Two of them became the hotel lobby, and the remaining six housed an art gallery.

In total, the unusual building houses two hotels, as well as a student dormitory and a hostel. The creative rooftop space, accessible by restaurants, terraces, spas, and suites, offers magnificent views of the Garonne River. The cascade of geometric designs embodies the “spirit of timelessness.” “This is the architecture of stealth,” comments the studio.

The central element of the project is the garden, which forms a modern green space with a glass pavilion in the middle. Ferns, heathers, and flowering shrubs coexist with white willows, umbrella pines, and cordylines.

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