Living in a unique home: four places that can be rented

Architecture is a special kind of art that not only involves aesthetic pleasure but also solves quite utilitarian tasks. To go on a tour of a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or Ricardo Bofill is already a great success, but what if you had the opportunity to spend a few days in it? We talk about four iconic buildings that can be rented on Airbnb.

Muralla Roja, Ricardo Bofill, Alicante, Spain

Muralla Roja, translated as “Red Walls” rises on the Spanish Costa Blanca as a monumental fortress – the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill wanted the pink-blue residential complex to resemble the Arab clay kasbahs. The postmodern residential complex with 50 apartments in Manzanera, Spain was designed for client Palomar SA in 1968 and fully built by 1973. It was among the “10 most iconic works of Ricardo Bofill”. When designing the building, Bofill referred to the architecture of the Maghreb. He reinterprets the kasbahs in an avant-garde style, incorporating traditional elements such as squares (courtyards), staircases, and bridges that connect all apartments to each other. On the roof terraces, there are solariums and a swimming pool designed exclusively for its inhabitants. There are three different styles and sizes of apartments: studio apartments of about 60 square meters, two-bedroom apartments of 80 square meters, and three-bedroom apartments of about 120 square meters. The futuristic residential complex has repeatedly become a source of inspiration for pop culture – it is enough to recall the maze in the series “The Squid Game”.

Epstein House, Frank Lloyd Wright, Galesburg, USA

The famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 – 1959) built hundreds of houses, which had a great influence on the architecture of residential buildings of the twentieth century. Most of its structures, including residential buildings, have been declared National Historic Landmarks and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built-in 1953 for Samuel and Dorothy Epstein, the ranch house in Michigan is an exemplary embodiment of Prairie School architecture and Usonian thinking. The semi-detached residence demonstrates care and attention to every detail. The five-bedroom house has been completely renovated and furnished, retaining the handiwork, craftsmanship, and luxury of the original.

Bosco Verticale, Stefano Boeri, Milan, Italy

Stefano Boeri proved that the city and nature do not have to be in opposition. Bosco Verticale is a unique skyscraper that the Italian architect built as part of Easyhome Huanggang, a five-tower apartment complex opened in China. Vertical scaffolding is a type of building invented by Boeri with facades covered with trees and plants. The structure of the Chinese complex is designed so that the foliage on the balconies “fits perfectly” into the design of the facade. The forest tower is covered with more than 400 trees. The complex also includes 4620 bushes and 2408 square meters of perennial grasses, flowers, and climbing plants. “The design enhances the sensory perception of greenery and combines the vegetative landscape with the architectural dimension,” said Boeri, Stefano Boeri Architetti. “In this way, residents have the opportunity to experience the urban space from a different perspective, fully enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by nature.” The owner of the apartment Francesca travels a lot and is happy to host everyone who wants to spend a few days in the “city railways” in her absence.

, Taalman Koch, Pioneertown, USA

ItHouse is a self-contained construction house designed by architect Taalman Koch in 2007, a number of its components are pre-manufactured off-site, for better control of construction waste, labor, and quality of the finished product. Conceived as a small house with glass walls and an open plan, itHouse maximizes the resident’s connection to the surrounding landscape, minimizing the impact of the building on the surrounding site. Energy efficiency is achieved at itHouse through passive heating and cooling, cross-ventilation, high-efficiency appliances and equipment, and the use of solar photovoltaic and thermal panels. Drawings on the facades were created by artists Sarah Morris and Liam Gillick.

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