Scandinavian style apartment interior: blocks of color and gradient

The redevelopment of a three-room apartment is designed for a young creative couple with a newborn child. The owners love to travel around Northern Europe, and the Scandinavian style has become the starting point in interior design. 

The owners prefer a light and uncluttered Scandinavian style. The main wish was to provide a lot of places for storage, including souvenirs from trips. The initial redevelopment required significant changes. The apartment was dark, and a non-functional long and narrow corridor occupied 10 m2.

Thanks to the dismantling of several non-load-bearing partitions and the transfer of doorways leading to the sleeping areas, it was possible to equip a dressing room with floor-to-ceiling shelves, which also stores an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, and a clothes dryer, and find a place for spacious wardrobes in the hallway and the parent’s room. The wall between the kitchen and the living room was also to be demolished, thanks to which the combined space was filled with light and air.

The insolation of the entrance area has also increased due to the influx of natural light from the windows. The floor in the living areas was finished with laminate, and ceramic tiles were laid in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. Part of the walls in the nursery and bedroom are covered with wallpaper, in the working corner of the living room they are finished with imitation barn boards, in the rest of the rooms the vertical surfaces are painted with Little Green paint.


A 3.12 m long kitchen backsplash was laid out with brick, imitating old masonry. And on top of the surface, they protected with several glasses, docked diagonally. In this case, the fasteners were painted black.

Kitchen-living room

The color design of the kitchen-living room is built on the contrast of a calm and bright palette. So, the walls are painted in a single light beige tone, and the architectural feature of the apartment – the bay window – was emphasized with blocks of cheerful coral color. Thus, it was possible to visually separate the dining area located in this part of the apartment from the rest of the space.


For the design of the hallway, a rich blue was chosen, the various shades of which are repeated in the floor tiles in the form of honeycombs

One of the walls has a smooth gradient transition from white to dark blue. According to the author, it was one of the most difficult ideas to implement. The artist who agreed to perform this effect works only with automotive paints and a spray gun, and during the search for the master, the project was already at the finishing stage. Therefore, to protect against flying particles of bright paint, it was necessary to curtain most of the premises with a film and stop work for almost 2 weeks.

A strip of light leads from the hallway through the living room to the bedrooms, which illuminates the trajectory of movement going from one room to another with the main lighting turned off.


The master bedroom is done in mint shades. The wide headboard design combines three different fabrics from the same pastel palette. In addition, sockets and switches are built into it.

For reading, concrete pendants of different colors with a three-dimensional pattern on the inside of the lampshade are provided.


For the design of the nursery, very gentle and calm shades were chosen: beige and mint.


The space behind the desk in the study area was finished with an imitation of a barn board: a brushed clapboard with a dark-colored backing and a light top layer.


For facing the bathroom tiles from the Kaleidoscope collection were used. Moreover, the standard-size tiles (20 * 20 cm) were cut diagonally and received triangles, with which they laid out the panels in the shower room and by the bathtub. The background is a white tile from the same collection. An element of Scandinavian style in the interior: a ladder – a hanger from Zara Home.

Water filters and a heating tank were hidden in a cabinet above the toilet.

To implement this project, the budget was small, but the clients were ready for non-standard solutions. Almost all pieces of furniture and decor in the interior are made localy. Something was bought at IKEA (for example, the base of the bed, bedside tables, dining table and chairs), much was made to order in local workshops (all cabinet built-in furniture, sofa, headboard). The TV cabinet was ordered from an online store, but it was sent in the wrong color by mistake. Luckily, the item matched the color of the bay window walls and thus blended in perfectly with the space.

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